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  1. Been a couple of months, so figured it's time to check back in and see how things are going! I've probably played ~30 rounds on the GEN5 clubs now and they are all still in the bag. Not at my country club anymore, so the rounds have been on LA-area munis. Short version, the fairway wood, hybrid, and wedges are simply better than the 0211s. Both in feel and performance. For the irons, the GEN5 definitely feel better, but I wouldn't say they have made a MASSIVE difference to my game. I don't really try to work the ball much with my irons, so with similar distance & dispersion, they do the same job, just in a different way. That said, the feel difference is real (especially in the lower irons) and they are great quality clubs. If price is no object, then you want the GEN5s. The 0211s remain the best new club value out there though. My handicap is back down around a 7, dropping a couple strokes since I've been gaming these clubs. A lot of that comes down to short game and putting. Around the greens, I do think having the high quality, forged wedges are making a difference with spin and the shots I can make. Part might be better technique, but the wedges also seem to let me get the most out of improved technique. On the greens, I'm rolling the Blackjack center shaft incredibly well. It's a shame because I love looking down on my SeeMore deep flange much better, but I can't argue with the numbers and the Blackjack simply gets more putts in the hole. Feel free to ask any more follow-ups, but short answer is that all of these clubs have kept their spot in my bag and I'm not looking elsewhere (or at least not looking hard).
  2. With all the PXG fitters I've met/dealt with, to a person they seem to be there to find the best set for you/your budget. I find it kind of crazy that PXG doesn't have a dedicated store in LA, but maybe next time I'll have to take a trip to Scottsdale. And yeah, I could go back to the 0211's and probably not miss too much performance wise (as long as I get to keep my SteelFiber shafts in them).
  3. I've extensively played both full bags. My GEN5 0311 thoughts are here: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/50307-pxg-0311-gen5-and-full-bag-fit-experience/ I reviewed the 0211 bag for a different site last year: https://practical-golf.com/pxg-0211-review-2021/ Definitely agree that the 0221's are the best new club value out there right now. Add in a fitting and it really is unmatched, even by well-priced DTC brands. Happy to answer any questions about anything.
  4. I'll open by saying I almost aced an (officially) par 4 this morning: https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTdWmH6s7/?k=1 Now that's out of the way, let's get to some club thoughts. I've played a good 6 full rounds with these now, so here's where we are: Overall Impressions: Looks - 8/10 Feel - 10/10 Performance - 8/10 Value - ?/10 Let's explain that all a little bit. Having followed PXG for a while now, I think the GEN5 is hitting the pinnacle of how a "PXG club" can look. Especially with the irons, I can't imagine how they could make a club that is still obviously PXG-style, but more broadly pleasing to look at. As said before, I couldn't have put earlier generations in the bag, but these are genuinely nice to look at and get compliments. For the driver and woods, the visual changes from past gens are even more pronounced and have veered maybe a bit too subdued. You could probably pop a Mizuno logo on them and they would pass for the latest release. For feel, top to bottom of the bag these are the best feeling clubs that I have personally owned. That includes the acoustics as well. With the irons, I appreciate that I can feel where I hit them on the face, but still not be too punished on mishits. For the driver, it really hits the sweet spot of sounding powerful without becoming annoying. For performance, these clubs have done exactly what I would want from a fitted set of clubs that are a decent match for my game. It's important to note that I didn't come from 20 year old DCI's, but year-old PXG 0211's fitted for me with upgraded shafts. To that end, the GEN5's haven't really lowered my scores or provided more distance. That said, the feel between the GEN5's and the more "value" focused 0211's is very pronounced. That really gets to the main heart of things (and the ? for the value score above). These GEN5's, particularly in how they were built out for me, are a luxury item. The full bag, top to bottom with the Steel Fiber shafts and dark finish would run $5000+. My 0211 set, however, would be less than $2000 custom fitted with upgraded shafts. If my scores are just as good with the cheaper set, why should anyone buy the GEN5's? In short, because they want to and because they can. If you want a "luxury" set of golf clubs, then the PXG GEN5's should probably be near the top of your list. If you're going to toss that much money at golf equipment, they'll walk the walk both visually and for performance. A Rolex doesn't noticeably tell better time than a really nice Seiko, but that's not really the point. I would still highly recommend the 0211's for the more "Seiko" folks out there (and honestly if I was spending my own money, that's what I would buy). If the dollars don't matter, though, the GEN5's are the PXG club that you want.
  5. One more bump before hitting eBay. I'll do $200+shipping cost for these if there's any interest.
  6. Few rounds in (including an even par early morning 9 today), so time for a few club by club quick hits: Driver: performance-wise there really isn’t a noticeable difference between the GEN5 and the GEN4 driver head I have in the same loft. Visually, though, I think the GEN5 is much better, with a larger, darker carbon fiber crown piece. Additionally, I think it has a bit better acoustics, the GEN4 is more “thud”y in my ear. Fairway: the big note for me is that with the GEN5 is that I can get a 4 wood (not on the site, but available when fit or over the phone). I don’t like traditional lofted 3 woods, so typically I’m stuck tweaking a 5. Having natural fit has been really good. Club itself has performed well. Hybrid: If hybrids have gotten a bit bulky looking for you, the GEN5 might be visually up your alley. Similar compact look to the old Adams Pro styles. It’s been a solid tee shot alternative for me. Irons: I’m getting along with the irons really well (P series). They have a lot more weight and feel through impact than the 0211’s. The thinner sole and reduced offset are also a better fit for my swing. It’s also notice that I can feel where on the face I’m missing with these, but the forgiveness is still there to result in a decent shot. Wedges: not really GEN5’s, but instead this is about the Mack Daddy 2 lines. Honestly, these have been the biggest surprise of all. These wedges look, feel, and perform incredibly well. A big takeaway is that I think combining a forged wedge with the same shaft as my irons is ideal. These is also my first full-face wedges and I’m now a believer. I catch pitches out on the toe a lot and these keep a lot more spin than wedges with traditional grooves.
  7. Thanks! I’ve actually really enjoyed putting TikToks together. Fits my personal attention span and how much work I’m really willing to put into content
  8. OBO on these, no trades at this time. Thanks!
  9. I’ll be writing up soon, but in the meantime, you can check out my TikTok to see the clubs in action: https://www.tiktok.com/@mediocre.golfer Let me know if you have any questions about the clubs.
  10. TaylorMade reintroduced the Adams Tight Lies fairway woods and hybrids last year as direct to consumer clubs sold online and advertised on TV. This is a full set of 16 degree 3 wood, 19 degree 5 wood, and 20 degree hybrid. All have stiff shafts and good grips. This clubs are super forgiving and easy to hit. Online these clubs are $180 for the fairway woods and $150 for the hybrid: https://www.adamsgolftightlies.com/ Check the site for full specs and details $250 for the set or I can sell the woods separately for $100 a piece and the hybrid for $80. All three include head covers and are in great shape.
  11. That feeling when you hit into a bunker for the first time of the day and pull out your brand new dark finished lob wedge...
  12. Let’s kick it off with a gratuitous photo drop PXG still does a great job with their shipping presentation. Any manufacturer just sending a plain brown box at this point is doing it wrong.
  13. T-minus 24 hours to unboxing content
  14. Just for quick clarification, I play their 2021 0211 DC set currently, not the Gen 2’s. The 0211s are their “budget” lineup, so the big move here is budget to premium.
  15. Thanks for the questions! I didn't consider it based on my swing profile and how I hit long irons. If I had considered it, I would have checked it by hitting the XP 7 iron and using the feel/numbers on that to make a decision. It probably would have been on me as the golfer to open that conversation with the fitter though. For putting, it was fully based on preferences and rolling putts on the green. I think they have some tech to do full putter fits in their corporate studios though.
  16. Fitting complete! The range at Industry Hills was off mats today, but good numbers off the Trackman. I'll give some more impressions below, but let's kick off with what would shape up to be a ridiculously nice set of clubs: Driver - 0311 GEN5 7.5* w/ Fujikura Motore F3 6 X-flex (although I also hit the head with my Autoflex and that's likely to be the gamer) 4-wood - 0311 GEN5 16* w/ Fujikura Motore F3 S-flex Hybrid - 0311 GEN5 19* w/ Mitsubishi MMT80 Irons - 4-GW 0311 P GEN5 w/ SteelFiber 95 S-flex Wedges - 0311 Sugar Daddy 54* and 60* w/ SteelFiber 95 S-flex Putter - Blackjack Center-shafted Additionally, the irons are coming in the Xtreme Dark finish with the SteelFiber Private Label (which sounds like a wine more than a golf shaft), so it will all be "murdered out" as the kids say. Initial thoughts: Based on my time with the GEN5 7 iron, hybrid, fairway, and driver I feel like PXG has finally found the right visual balance on looks. Quite honestly, I would not have played GEN1 or GEN2 PXGs as all the bullet hole-like plugs were just too much. My current 0211s are clean and a good looking club, but they don't really stand out. The GEN5s definitely get your attention, but don't seem to be trying to hard to do it. Of special note is the driver, where the carbon fiber crown has been noticeably darkened from the GEN4 head. I'll talk more about performance when I have them in hand and get them out on the course, but I do wonder why I seem to hit the ball so well during fittings. If only I could bring that out on the course, I'd be scratch. I can confidently say I shouldn't be losing any distance from my "loft-jacked" 0221's as the 0311 P's have more weight behind the ball and up the smash factor. I also appreciate that they have a 4-wood head as I don't hit lower-lofted fairway metals. The 4 wood seems to be "off menu" in that you can't order it directly off the website, but can be done through a fitter or on the phone. Fitting Experience: I can say flat out that if you're going to buy PXG clubs, then get an in person fitting done if remotely possible. I think they officially charge $50, but that might be credited back if you purchase clubs. I've met a handful of PXG fitters and they've all been friendly and knowledgeable. Additionally, at least in my opinion, they're not really pushy about upselling shaft/grip options etc. If you tell them you are only considering stock/no upcharge options then that's what they'll have you hit. PXG has a lot of no upcharge options though, so it's likely they can get a good fit within them. For possible downsides, PXG only fits the 7-iron to cover the full iron set. Don't feel like you can get a representative feel for the clubs from the 7-iron? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. To be fair, most fitting van experiences are going to be with a single iron. Only premium specialty shops or dedicated brand facilities are likely to have fitting clubs across the whole set. My session was scheduled for 90 minutes, but took under an hour. I already had a clear preference on shafts (I already play SteelFiber and knew I want to continue) and I fit pretty cleanly into one of the head profiles (side note - props to you if you can handle the T irons, because it was very clear I couldn't) I'll be getting some swings and shot tracers up on TikTok later - @mygolfswing Fingers-crossed, the clubs should be arriving in about two weeks. Anyone have any follow-up questions?
  17. I have a connection with PXG after doing a full write up on their 0211 line last year. This fitting will be strictly about the 0311 GEN5 clubs to find the right head/shaft combos. I’m still gaming the 0211 irons they fitted me for (and honestly that entire lineup is still the best “new club” value in golf right now). I’m assuming the setup next week will be range balls off a mat with a Trackman, but I’ll definitely note the hitting conditions. These GEN5’s are definitely in the “premium” category, but I think I’m starting to understand PXG’s strategy to now have clubs at pretty much every budget: Premium: GEN5 Mid-tier: GEN4 (released last year) Value: 0211
  18. Not Scottsdale, outdoor range fit at Industry Hills out here in LA. Generally they do fits with a Trackman
  19. Hi all. Next week I’m going to be doing a full bag fit with PXG for their new 0311 GEN5 lineup. I’ll be writing about the fit and the clubs themselves here. Any questions out there or something you’d be interested in hearing about?
  20. Based strictly on the box and the RBG connection, I'm guessing that the name is being used by Nitro Golf just like they picked up and started using Spalding.
  21. Bump and I'll do $600 for the shaft if anyone is interested. No trades at this time.
  22. AutoFlex SF505x Driver Shaft with PXG tip As much fun as this thing is, it’s not the best for my swing and I don’t want to just keep it in the garage. Shaft is uncut 45” (plays around 47” with a head). PXG tip is installed and a Tour Velvet 360 grip in good shape. Weight is 50grams. This is the “stiff” flex for AutoFlex, ideal for 95-105mph swing speeds IMO. The shaft really does work, gave me around 3-4 more mph club head speed. Very high launch. $650 obo including shipping in the US. If you want, I can include a PXG 0211 9 degree driver head for an extra $150. Thanks for looking!
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