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  1. Garage cleanout continues. I like the ball, but not so much that I think I'll go through as many of them as I have, so I thought I would pass it on. 5 dozen (60 balls) Titleist EXP-01 used golf balls. AAAA grade, meaning they have some minor scuffs or markings but nothing that will affect performance. Here's the Titleist marketing speak on the ball: Straight from the Titleist R&D Lab Titleist is driven by a commitment of continuous improvement and innovation; Constantly pushing performance-enhancing limits by incorporating new technologies into prototype golf balls. For a limited time, you are invited to test one prototype that has made its way to the top: The EXP-01 MTR Developmental Cover System: The short game spin enhancing thermoplastic urethane prototype cover was developed through our relentless material and process experimentation. Innovative Core Technology: The high speed core construction and specialized casing layer deliver low spin on long game shots for great distance and tight dispersion. Proprietary 346 Dimple Design: Through our testing, the propriety aerodynamic package has demonstrated an optimized flight profile for peak performance. Here's an MGS article on them: https://mygolfspy.com/titleist-exp-01-golf-ball-straight-from-the-rd-lab/ $50 shipped CONUS. Thanks!
  2. It's definitely good for practicing the swing path or working on different shot shapes. Can be frustrating when things are off, but a useful tool.
  3. Cory Los Angeles, CA Current Ball: TaylorMade TP5 Pix when I'm feeling serious, otherwise any premium ball I find out on the course Past experience: I've found a handful of Top Flite Gamers over the past couple of years and am always impressed when I play them. They seem to suit my swing just fine. I've always had too many other balls around to pull the trigger on buying them though (I'll put them in my cart at the Dick's website, but then never buy them). I know the best thing for my game would be just going with a single ball and sticking with it instead of switching around and playing found balls, so if the Gamer gives me the right kind of performance, I would definitely just make it my one and only gamer.
  4. Five gloves, all new in package. Hybrid glove with cabretta leather and synthetic back. They are good gloves, I just bought too many. $40 shipped CONUS
  5. So I've played around 200 holes of golf over the past two+ weeks with the wedges and am going to start writing my final review tomorrow. Really felt like I finally started to sync up with them this week, especially from 50 yards and in. That's where I think the design and build quality really win out over the wedges I played before.
  6. Cory - Los Angeles, CA I have been using a cheap eBay-purchased net almost daily, but it recently broke, so I'm interested in upgrading. I used a VoiceCaddy SC200+ monitor with the net previously, but the data wasn't accurate enough to be useful.
  7. Honma's adjustment system is unique to them. I went back to standard with mine and haven't touched it since (happy with the ball flight in that setting). Fortunately the in-house Vizard seems to be a decent shaft as you really can't switch it out to something different.
  8. Putter itself was fantastic. The RST system makes it very easy to set up square. Great feel and sound as well. My putting was less than fantastic, but that's on me.
  9. Through my participation in a different forum, I was lucky enough to win a SeeMore putter. I did a Zoom “fitting” with their director of tour operations and we went with the Mini Giant Deep Flange. Delivered yesterday and saw her first action today: Just wanted to put it out there that if you are looking to make the jump into a niche premium putter, SeeMore should definitely be on the list for you and your fitter.
  10. First Name/City State - Cory, Los Angeles CA Shoe Size - 11.5 Current Shoe Worn - Adidas Crossknit 3.0 or Ecco What's The Most Important Thing in Your Shoe Selection - Comfort for walking. I play 3-4 rounds a week, all walking so they have to be comfortable. Water proof is important too as the course is pretty wet on some of the early morning rounds.
  11. Couple rounds in now. I really, really wanted to love them, but TBH I'm just not really vibing with them yet. That's more on me than them almost certainly and I'm not giving up. Haven't really noticed any patina building up yet, but been pretty dry out on the course and I've been brushing and toweling after most of my shots.
  12. All my wedges tend to fly high on full swings, so I can’t speak to a flatter ball flight, but my 56* is getting the same distance as my old wedge which was a degree stronger and seems to be stopping on a dime.
  13. Well being so close to Cleveland HQ certainly helped this get here so quickly (Huntington Beach, not actually Cleveland). Nice to come home to after a not so great round. Beautiful wedges, almost wish they wouldn’t rust, but maybe I’ll love that look as well. Getting them right now tomorrow morning, usually pretty wet out there early, so that’ll start the process.
  14. Don't try it. Took several weeks after signing up for them to even acknowledge and provide info and then it seems like every course you'd want to book is under "maintenance" any day you'd want to book it. I never used the membership and haven't paid them anything yet. If they do try to charge me, I'll be disputing it with my bank.
  15. Really excited to be part of the test! A bit about me, my name is Cory (if you didn't guess) and I'm living in Southern California (yay for no off-season). I'm playing golf 4-5 times a week these days, recently joining a country club so I can squeeze in hour-ish nine holes during early morning and lunch. I'd describe my style of play as "scrappy" as my swing is usually worse than my handicap would suggest, but I rarely make major mistakes and blow up holes/rounds. My wedge play is a part of that, never spectacular, but never cover-your-eyes horrible. My current wedges are essentially the "set wedge" for my irons from GigaGolf, although they have a different head design: They are "game improvement" with a cavity behind the sole. They get the job done though and have good gapping from my PW (45*) through the wedges (50*/55*/60*). Prior to these, I had some Cleveland CG11's that were good, but getting a bit worn. I've always had good experiences with Cleveland and hope that the RTX Zipcores will give me the balance I want between forgiveness and versatility. On to the raw finish, I'm approaching it with an open mind. Back when I was 20, I had Nike forged wedges that I allowed to rust, that being the "cool" style at the time. Perhaps this will let me recapture a bit of my youth, but I'm certainly not expecting any performance differences between the new finish and once it gets the patina. Here's what I selected for my wedges: Loft: 56 Loft: 60 Sole Grind: FULL Sole Grind: LOW Tour Crafted Sole Grind: S-SHAPED Tour Crafted Sole Grind: RELIEF EDGE Tour Crafted Leading Edge: STANDARD Tour Crafted Leading Edge: SHARPENED Finish: HAND POLISHED Finish: HAND POLISHED The opposite grinds and edges on the two wedges is intentional as I see both as specialty tools. I like a bigger bounce on my sand wedge for fluffy lies or when things are a little wet in my early morning rounds. For the lobber, I want that to be lower bounce/sharper so I can lay it open when needed (something I'm not really able to do well with my current one). Looking forward to reporting back as the test gets started!
  16. 2020 Official Member Review: Cleveland RTX Zipcore Tour Rack (RAW) wedges Intro My golf experience has had a lot of ups and downs over the almost 20 years since I first picked up the game seriously in high school. This includes time as a PGA apprentice, giving up the game entirely, playing competitive tournament Screen Golf in South Korea, and recommitting fully to the sport in recent years. Throughout all of that time, wedge play has never been a particular strength and I’ve never been all the picky about the wedges I played. Back around 2002 or so, I certainly rusted out my wedges as was the fad at the time, in particular a set of Nike Forged ones that wound up looking like they were salvaged from the wreck of the Titanic. After that, though, I switched back and forth on finishes and just played whatever wedges I happened to get my hands on. Most recently, that was a 50/55/60* set from GigaGolf. While not the same design as my GigaGolf irons, they were matched to the loft progression and hit for me fine. I was excited to be part of the Cleveland RTX Zipcore Tour Rack test for a number of reasons, first being that it would give me the chance to see if a “premium” name-brand wedge really could outperform my current budget options and also to see how they would wind up looking in my bag. Fortunately, there’s no off-season here in SoCal, so as soon as they arrived I was able to put them in play. First Impressions Out of the box, these Zipcores were a gorgeous looking wedge. I appreciated the subtle design elements that SHOULD provide forgiveness even with the classic wedge shape. I also really liked the raw finish look out of the box. I never really liked shiny chrome clubs all that much, so I felt the dulled, muted look on these suited my eye. Part of me really hoped they could stay that way instead of rusting out. I wasn’t fitted for these wedges at all, but instead chose the sole and grind based on how I like to play them, more full shots in the 56* and low bounce on the 60* for versatility. I’ve never had strong opinions about wedge shafts, so the standard DG Spinner shafts that came with these were fine by me. Grading Basic Characteristics 18/20 I’m not a good enough ball striker to play pure blade wedges, but I am good enough (or at least vain enough) that I want a more traditional look rather than a full-out game improvement wedge. I think these Cleveland really hit the sweet spot of having enough tech built in to give some forgiveness to the average mid-handicapper, but still with a look and feel that all players can appreciate. Since this review is more focused on the raw “Tour Rack” finish than anything, I’m going to flip the order a bit and cover the looks more at the end. While everyone can definitely dig into the standard RTX Zipcore reviews for more about performance, I’ll share my experience with them as well. On Course Performance 23/25 While I didn’t suddenly become the world’s greatest wedge player with these in the bag, there were some noticeable performance pieces to note. On the 56*, my distance stayed more or less the same as when I was playing the game improvement wedge that was a degree stronger. While my Arccos numbers didn’t strike me as all that great, I was still keeping pace in SG with others at my handicap level on these wedge shots. Additionally, I noticed that these still produced good distance and spin even when struck far off the sweet spot, something that definitely wasn’t the case with player’s wedges I played in the past. The 60* is where I really found some improved performance and it’s become my go-to utility club around the greens in recent weeks. What I’ve found most surprising is what I can do with it on full swings. Here’s a great example. I put my drive into a fairway bunker and had 80 yards to the front of the green. The bunker was wet and packed like cement, so I didn’t want to play the high bounce sand wedge. Instead, I pulled the lob wedge, trusting that I could take a full swing with just picking the ball without getting too much under it. Did just that, barely disturbing the sand, and the shot flew pin-high with enough spin to check and pull back to around 5 feet below. I honestly don’t think this shot would have been possible with my old lob wedge which always seemed to get under and catch the ball too high on the face on full swings. Feel 18/20 I’m not a wedge connoisseur and haven’t ever hit any of the super premium forged wedges out there. That said, I have played Vokey’s in the past and these RTX Zipcores exceed those in the feel department, at least in my memory. I can definitely feel and see where I caught the ball on the face after the shot even if the mishit isn’t too badly punished. Looks 24/25 Well this is the big moment for these wedges. After a few weeks and plenty of golf, how are they looking with the raw finish? While I didn’t soak them in coca cola or anything, I also wasn’t meticulously cleaning them after every shot, so I think this is a fair gauge for what people playing in dry places like SoCal can expect from this finish. Here’s what they looked like out of the box: Here’s after the first week of golf: And here’s what they look like today: As you can see, they are definitely looking broken in, but nothing that I would really call “rust”, just a few slightly darkened patina marks, but otherwise the looks have stayed the same which is a major plus for me. I’m confident that any noticeable marks and scuffs on the clubs would have been just as bad or worse with chrome or satin finishes and were mostly caused by the rough and rocky bunker conditions currently at my course. We’ll see if testers playing in more humid conditions have a different result, but for me the look has stayed better than I had expected. The big question for me is whether or not getting the “Tour Rack” finish is worth the extra $20 Cleveland is currently charging above the standard finishes. I somewhat doubt that it actually costs them more to produce these wedges, so the premium is most likely because they think they can get it. If it was my own money, I probably would have just gone with the standard satin, but given the choice between the three for the same price, I would definitely stick with the raw. Play it or Trade it 10/10 These are definitely in the bag, in fact the old wedges were sold off a week ago. My only question now is if I need to get another one to get the gapping right at the bottom of my bag or if I can handle it with different shot types. Right now I’m leaning towards the latter as I’m enjoying keeping the bag light. Conclusion 93/100 The RTX Zipcore is a great performing wedge for me. While I can’t compare it to other big brand wedges of the same level, for mid-handicap players looking to replace game improvement or set wedges certainly wouldn’t go wrong by upgrading to the Zipcores. They have a great look and perform well. I have to imagine that how the Tour Rack finish turns out will be unique to every player that has them and in a way that’s pretty cool, really making it your wedge. Everyone will have to decide for themselves if the raw finish is worth the extra cost, but I’m definitely happy that I wound up with them to test.
  17. Wow! Can't wait to get these out on the course. No offseason here in SoCal, so I'll be putting them through the paces! Thanks to MGS and Cleveland Golf!
  18. First Name - Cory City, State - Los Angeles, CA Current Driver in Play - Honma TW747 460 10.5* Vizard Stiff Handicap - 4.9 Swing Speed - 107mph Which Driver Would You Like to Review - TSi2 - I'm pretty solidly in the "mid-spin" category with my swing at this point and I'm happy with that. I also prefer to NOT have extra weights to fiddle with in my driver as it can cause me to constantly question/fiddle with my settings when it's better for my game to "set it and forget it".
  19. First Name/City State: Cory - Los Angeles, CA Handicap - 5 Current Model Wedges Played - GigaGolf TRX 6.0 50*/55*/60* I got these wedges as I didn't like the gapping progression from my GigaGolf irons into the Cleveland Wedges I was playing (CG15). That's still important to me in the 50 and 55 degree clubs as those are more "full swing" sticks, but I almost never use the lob wedge for full shots these days. Because it's going to be a around-the-green specialty club for me, getting maximum versatility and performance will be the biggest factor. What Appeals to You About a Raw Wedge I used to love the rusty wedge look back in university (in fact I think my brother still has one of my old Nike Forged Steel wedges that I rusted out in his bag. He doesn't play much golf). While I may have gotten a little older (and wiser?) in years, don't we all still long for a taste of those old days? One raw wedge in my bag may just give it that bit of personality that I like to have. If it can perform around the green (didn't we used to think the rust made them spin better?) then that's a big bonus.
  20. Underclubbing is point 1, 2, and 3 (along with underclubbing) Besides that, I would also mention focusing to much on the pin, not the green. Once they're on the green, thinking too much about the line, not enough about the speed. Last, trying to make up for those mistakes with one swing on the next hole instead of just playing the shot in front of them.
  21. Initially just teaching English, but then got into corporate training. I was there six years total. For a stretch there, I was playing screen golf 3-4 times per week including pro tournament qualifiers. It's a lot of fun! And yep, golf is crazy expensive in Korea. ~$150 for the green fee, ~$50 for the caddie fee (the whole group shares a caddie who drives everyone in a massive golf cart) plus tip. The few times I played real golf over there, the courses were incredible and the service was amazing, but still not exactly an accessible game for the masses.
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