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  1. Have you looked into the Nippon Zelos line? I was a tester of those and I love them. Feel and performance of graphite but steel. Just a thought...
  2. As a father of 3, now adult, daughters, I have to agree with @cnosil and @GolfSpy MPR. If you have the opportunity to spend the time with family you should. Kids grow up way too fast to miss out on any opportunities with them. Just my humble opinion.
  3. I don't work at any of those. But that is pretty funny. Everyone thinks the same thing. When I told my mother I was moving to Seattle back in 2012, she asked if I was going to work for Microsoft?
  4. I would rather trade off turf interaction with real, appropriate and unbiased data. I'm a big supporter of keeping things "old school", but I love the idea of some A.I. giving me real analytics.
  5. I can foresee this episode getting more than a few people fired up!!
  6. That explains why I liked my shots better when I lived in Arizona!
  7. Couldn't agree more. When trying to recover from a back injury, the last thing you should do is push yourself that hard.
  8. As someone who has had to deal with back injuries/issues pretty much my entire adult life, first back injury was at age 28, I can say that once that happens it doesn't take much to make that injury re-appear or worsen. So, while the argument that it's self-inflicted could be seen as valid, in my opinion its all down to the nature of the injury. Back injuries are a terrible thing to deal with.
  9. I was confused at first about what you were talking about because I don't ever see any ads with Chrome. Then I realized, after looking from home, that I am always getting on here while I'm on my work laptop and the ads are blocked. I have to agree that the ads are fairly annoying but at least they can be closed.
  10. I had a little more range time over the new years break, way too much rain around here to get out on the course. The more I practice with these shafts and the more comfortable I get with them, the more I like them. I have now noticed that my spin rate has increased, along with the height of my shots which equates to less roll on after landing. My short iron shots are stopping on dimes. I think I'm going to like these!
  11. I have a longer forearm than upper arm. Which it now makes sense why my putter swing looks the way it does. I always thought this was something I needed to work on when comparing my swing with that of the pro's. Now I know that may not be what needs correcting. This is good info.
  12. @Golfspy_CG2 kick COVID's ass! Get better soon.
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