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  1. Thanks guys ... Tsmithjr9 did you end up replacing it with a different one ?
  2. Guys I know your gonna tell me don’t be a cheap skate .... but I’ve been looking everywhere is there such thing as a quality laser rangefinder under $100.00 ?? i mean with today’s technology and various manufacturers I can’t believe these things aren’t a dime a dozen. Thanks for any suggestions as always
  3. OK guys I appreciate the quick response thank you very much I knew I could count on you !!
  4. Guys I truly appreciate all your input I’m certainly learning quite a bit from you all. my clubs are set at 5° which I’m going to reduce down to 4° like I mentioned but coming from an upright angle to flat does that also work in degrees ...??? I don’t want to adjust my clubs to such an extreme that I’ll be all over the place...I’m just trying to make little changes at a time Thanks again
  5. Question for those who have Ping irons please. I have the G400 and when I got fitted a couple of years ago I ended up at maroon color 5° upright. Over the last few years I’ve made adjustments to my stance and swing so it was suggested to me that because I don’t stand up so straight anymore I should change my loft and lie. According to the Ping color code chart for my height and wrist length I should fall one level down from maroon color into the silver color which also means I’ll be dropping from a 5° to a 4°.... My question is I don’t know if I should have my irons adjusted as upright or flat...? When I spoke to the rep who was going to adjust my irons he asked me do you want them upright or flat and I really didn’t know what to say...thanks for any help or suggestions you can give me.
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