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  1. To Fellow Golfers, First let me say that I am a PGA Master Professional who lives in Chattanooga, TN. my personal e mail is [email protected] I am on FB, Instagram and Twitter. I say this because I do not want anyone to think I am on here as a representative or trying to sell anything. I look at this site often and finally felt I had a need to voice my thoughts. About two months ago I reached out to Birdie Ball to purchase a inside putting mat. I went in this direction for two reasons - 1) I previously had purchased a hitting net from them which fulfilled my needs and 2) I like the idea that I could add my own personal logo (see pics attached). When the product arrived to be kind in my words I was extremely disappointing. The logo looks nice but the putting surface is frankly horrible. Its made of a foam product. Every step I walk on it creates a dent which I must then wait an extended period of time for it to pop back up. The product is made poorly in my humble opinion and seems it wont last very long. I paid $400+ for this mat and have used it maybe 10 minutes total. Now that my new surface has arrived the Birdie ball will be tossed into the garbage quickly. Now onto my new surface. I took this opportunity to reach out to another PGA Member who I knew had a surface that he loves. I did not know what he had until we spoke about 3 weeks ago. He strongly suggested I look into Bog Moss. I was not aware of Big Moss previously but watched You Tube videos and mainly believed what I was hearing from my fellow PGA Member. The Big Moss arrived a few days ago and immediately unwrapping it from the box I knew I had a much better product. This product sells for even less (just under $300). The pics attached were taken a few minutes after unboxing so the pics show a few ripples until it laid flat the next morning. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT...honestly far superior to the Birdie Ball. The Big Moss is made of a carpet material and the stitching confirms its a nicely made product. I cant say anything negative about it. The surface rolls true and perfect speed to work on my putting stroke. I guess I was compelled to post (very first ever post on this site) because I was so taken back how poor the Birdie Ball product was. The Big Moss product was what I expected and it matched my desires. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly.......... Chris DeBusk PGA Master Professional
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