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  1. I invested in May 21 - watch and tags. works really well compared to previous unit I had, wear and forget till after the round unless you want to tap the putts per hole etc. stats are good and really helped me move forward. I had a season hitting 3 wood of the tee and distances obviously suffered for 2022 I'm back on form with the driver and hope for more moves towards the holy grail and scratch! good tech and cheap enough to not worry about tbh
  2. great read and a must book mark, I need to make some in roads to being a better putter again and this is a thing of beauty. moved to arm lock putter grip and added 5" to my Odyssey, need to be more locked in (triangle) putting unlocked after weeks of practice gives me the same stroke. need to invest in myself for 2022 and putting is much needed area. cheers for sharing
  3. HI all any updates on the V3 currently in the market for some sort of tracking device again, ex game golf user (sold on after 6 months) but think I need another look at this or Arccos
  4. Very tidy set up. just upgraded mine to the align version midsize +4 best move in 2020. go well
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