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  1. Mohit Dallas, TX 60% walking (it gets hot down here) No push cart currently
  2. Mohit - Dallas, TX RH First choice: driving iron stiff Second choice: hybrid stiff 7.0 Handicap Current: Cobra F8 19° Aldila Rogue Stiff
  3. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I grew up golfing thanks to my dad who taught us early and got us involved with junior golf programs. Playing to a 6.4 handicap right now, but who knows where that's going to end up before winter hits! What do you love about golf? I would call it a love/hate, but I enjoy the competition against yourself and the course. I think golf is one of the more unique sports where you're trying to beat everyone else out there, but really you're trying to beat your expectations for yourself. I also love being able to
  4. Much appreciated. Got a couple of rounds to play this week and then I'll have a few days to mess with it. Great putter though, isn't it? Smooth roll, great weight balance...nevermind the dummy swinging it!!
  5. The putter came with an oversized grip on it from the manufacturer. I'm guessing it still has a counterweight in it, though, since it's marketed that way unless I'm missing something. I think I really just need to pop the grip off and open it up. Appreciate the step-by-step and the link!
  6. Did you have a normal grip initially or an oversized? I'm weirdly anal about checking the loft/lie on my putter, so I always respect when someone makes that a point. Appreciate it!
  7. Has anyone experimented with lengthening a stroke lab shaft? I have a Triple Track 10 that I need to extend an inch, but I'm concerned about messing with the counterweight and the graphite portion of the shaft. Any advice is helpful!
  8. First Name and Location Mohit / Dallas, TX How do you keep your putting sharp through the winter? Putt on carpet at home. Current/Past Experience with putting mats poor experiences with mats that either have too much padding/bunch up after a few times taking them out and putting them away. Or I've had the flip side where it's like putting on hard wood and doesn't help at all. Go to www.birdieball.com and tell us which speed green you'd want to test medium is closest to the way the greens roll in TX during the season.
  9. Texas The gummies and the tinctures would probably be the best for me. I'm pretty relaxed on the course, but like everyone still prone to anger/cussing at bad shots. No fitness tracking.
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