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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone thinks of their nets. I bought a Spornia about a year ago. I am still using it in my garage setup. I am anxious to chime in and provide some long term use for everyone once the test is over (if that's allowed)
  2. Thanks for the opportunity MGS and for the great words @GolfSpy_APH
  3. I don’t pause when making the turn for this reason specifically. I’m not usually in the clubhouse that long and if my round says 4:15…. I really know it was closer to 4hrs. The pause is a pain but I’m now only using it before the round and praying I don’t forget on the first tee Also I’ve noticed lately when I do go in the clubhouse I’ll lose gps signal. I don’t want to mess with anything the could jeopardize my pro like stats
  4. I'll take it if it's still available and once you confirm which design it is. Thanks!
  5. My problem with going through the putt screens is sometimes it will show "Pick up" The only way to get back to approach is to walk away from green at that point. It's one reason I am still flirting with the idea of manual putting. I don't think the putt screen occurs until I activate it and can see distance of last shot etc while on the green ??
  6. Congratulations testers! I am loving my V3 so far and can only assume you guys will like as well! Really looking forward to seeing it compared to Arccos. If any of you need assistance or advice there is a MGS User group for V3. PM me if need be as well!
  7. Well I was excited to give manual putting a try, however after watching @MattF yesterday forget / miss several putts and pin locations. More so marking the putts, going to pin collect then realizing he forgot to mark the first putt.
  8. At least someone can say that! I don't have a game (yet) but I am getting there. Just excited to meet all of my fellow Spy's
  9. So some of my buddies from another fire department just invited me to this play and stay package. Might be a good not so far out of state deal for us Ohio guys. I’ll let everyone know how it is when I come to CIC https://www.lakeviewwvgolf.com/stay-play-packages/
  10. after looking at that picture and hearing about the rough....I am considering bailing In all honesty I may not keep score, ask Matt to drive and get drunk
  11. Selling a pair of size 10W FootJoy HyperFlex BOA, this years model. Never worn outside. I tried them on, walked around the house and made some swings on my golf mat. The fit just isn’t right for me. I think I prefer a more traditional style golf shoe. They were also a little tall in the heal area and they rubbed me a bit which I think would be an issue ( I wear no show socks). Since the tag fell off while I was making a few swings FJ's return policy doesn't apply. Anyhow, someone will save a little money. I am asking $160 shipped. Thanks!
  12. Well.... I knew that it could happen quickly, however 10 days...I will take it. Shot an 88 at my "home" course (Zoar) on my 2nd 18 holes of the year. Front was a little rough with a 46. I had two double bogeys and (2) 3 putts. The back went well and I haven't played 10-18 at this course in years. 42 on the back and should have been a stroke or two better! Hit a really nice drive on #10 that left me about 60yds out and I chunked my 58* wedge . Needless to say I also 3 putted after that. Still, it seems a positive attitude has helped along with LOTS of practice, lessons, new clubs and less drinking Man do I love this game!
  13. I use my Mevo+ nearly every day! Setup in my garage I am always practicing something, playing a mini game or challenge on Awesome Golf.
  14. This is the first year I started to play regularly and not just hitting up scrambles etc.... I don't want to say I jumped in with two feet, but I did! I replaced 20+ year old clubs back in October, bought a net for indoor use, a Mevo+ and began taking some lessons in March. I usually like to go out with my girlfriend and we usually only play 9 and the same for my father, he only likes to play 9. So until Sunday I have never played 18 except in fundraising scrambles. My girlfriend agreed to play with me and we traveled about 30 minutes to The Legends of Massillon. It was as hot and humid as it could be for the 4th of July in Ohio to say the the heat (and a little beer) got to me would be an understatement. However I held on and finished with what I would call a disappointing but decent for my first full round 95. I finished 17 and 18 (Par4s) with 6's after hitting two nice drives.....chipping killed me! I have been shooting 44-45 the last several 9's, so there is definitely more to be had. Plus the course we played I have not been to for several years. Not sure what else to add, I just wanted to share my first full round memory with the forum I have grown to love! Excited to push for 90!
  15. I'm picking Brooks Koepka! He's due and he's from FSU!
  16. Hopefully I have a little more of my "game" figured out by then so I don't make a mockery of myself and our group. Between lessons, playing a few times a week and my garage setup....I have swung the sticks more this year than in my entire life combined LOL!!
  17. Really would love to test a Range Finder vs my Shotscope and a few other apps I use on my phone.
  18. 14th and 21st are Saturdays I can probably make the 14th/15th work. No go on the 21st
  19. I'm all in for trying to set something up down this way. Wilkshire was for sale and was almost lost to a conservatory...however the township blocked the sale and someone swooped in to buy it. Not as nice as Zoar right now.
  20. I "try" to buy everything I can (within reason) that is made in the USA. And that includes my golf balls.... Last year when getting back into the game I needed some balls and grabbed a box of ProV's quickly at the course before a round. When I got home I saw the box said Thailand. I was a bit upset. I have went back to Bridgestone TourB's as they are all made in USA and I like them.
  21. Congrats guys! I love my Mevo+! I have had it since early December (waited nearly 2 months for it). You won't regret it!
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