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  1. A couple games we have played. Wolf is a fun game (you can look it up). My buddies and I tend to drink a fair bit on the course and do "every 2 beers you drink, you get a stroke knocked off". You can modify that however - you get a mulligan, etc. There are challenge holes - like closest to the pin or longest drive - and the winner gets to negate another's shot. For instance, if my buddy gets closest to the pin and on the next hole I drill a drive, he can say, "negate" making me rehit. If I hit it in the fairway (or make it on the green, make the putt, whatever) he adds a stroke. If I miss-hit, I simply play that shot. There is best save out of a bunker, plus every time someone goes bunker to bunker (or in the same bunker) they owe a round at the end.
  2. Have people had luck personalizing golf balls? Not, "the logo of your company on a ball" but actually putting logos all over a ball? Like polka dotting it? Super weird question, I know, but every personalization option I see is just for a logo or name, not a design over the entire ball and the reason I want it requires comprehensive coverage.
  3. Thanks everyone for the help. I did learn with only a PW and a SW. Consequently I hit my PW comfortably from 150-75/80. I actually am far more comfortable hitting my PW 1/2 than hitting a SW full. I will likely eventually buy 2 wedges to fill needs. I want the 'jack of most trades' that can be opened and hit squarely, then maybe one for soft conditions. Initially, though, I want to buy that more versatile club and fill the void on what it can't do.
  4. I live in Hawaii so I see everything from hard turf, to soft grass. The sand tends to be more hard. My PW is 45 degrees. I am not confident out of the bunkers at all, in large part because I simply haven't practiced in them much recently. I like my Cleveland, but it has been so long since I bought a new wedge I don't have a brand loyalty. My irons are the new TM P790s.
  5. Hi all, I am in the market for a new sub-PW wedge. I currently have a 15 year old Cleveland 56 degree raw and it's pretty warn. I need it for 80 yds and in, and i want it to be versatile as I'll use it out of bunkers and I frequently flop shots (though that's largely because I had to with a bald 56 degree). It seems there are as many grinds, bounces, etc. as there are colors. I'll likely get something in the 56-60 degree range and want it to be versatile - can hit square, out of bunker, and be opened. Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks!
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