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  1. yes, mine broke off about 6 weeks in. I contacted them and sent a photo and they sent a replacement. The replacement has been fine so far.
  2. I don't disagree with that perhaps on actual grass turf, but it's gotta be tough on your trail toes on a carpeted or hardwood floor.... Anyway, sorry folks, kinda reading all the posts on this thread, and haven't provided my personal experience with this swing aid. I got the Planemate last summer and it's helped me tremendously. I'm 51 yrs old and basically realized last year that I had been swinging the club incorrectly my entire life (a lot of casting, with thin hits and lots of slices). Prior to using the PM and watching a lot of youtube instruction videos, I was scoring
  3. The one thing you should do is practice with shoes on! bare or socked feet don't give you the same feels and also inhibit movement.....
  4. Chae - Chicago, IL 10 Adidas XT Tour 360 comfort, waterproof and grip.
  5. I grip down a couple inches on the grip for my wedges for awkward distances. For instance 80 yds kills me. Requires a full swing from my 58* or a 9 to 3 swing with 54*. Sometimes, I grip down on the 54* so that I can have a freer swing. My swing isn't consistent enough yet to do this with longer irons.
  6. Chae, Chicago, IL Right handed. 1st choice: GS53 Fairway Wood, stiff 2nd choice: VKTR+ Hybrid, stiff Play 3/4 irons (Mizzy), but currently testing out Honma TW747 19* hybrid 14.6 handicap
  7. Chae, Chicago, IL TaylorMade M5 9* Hdcp - 14 103 mph Either driver is fine.
  8. Anyone try the Steadfast shafts? small U.S. company in Missouri.
  9. I think the 5th day (resist, resist, relax) is the most important lesson to run through for warm ups before a round. That "relax" move is the key for my swing, and I'm figuring it out on the course. When the "relax" move is made, that's when I'm planting both feet for my rotation and getting my lead wrist ready to roll into what I call the "Snap Impact" position so that my clubface will be square. And actually my first practice hit on the range without the planemate usually results in a yank/hook. But now my body is integrating that muscle memory better, and my game has been improving, bu
  10. Love the Kirklands! They run a little larger. I wear M/L for Titleist gloves, and M for Kirklands. Both feel the same, but Kirklands are 30% of the price.
  11. New member here. But I have been rocking the Planemate for the past month. Not as fastidiously as Goalie Mike! But I've been using it on the range before my rounds just for 20 practice swings and about 10 balls hit with the Planemate. Mostly the Day 5 protocol of "stress, stress, relax" is what I go through. Helps bring on the ghost arms but really to get the feel of rotating my hips to a finish position. Getting that feel helps put my swing into shape for the round. I'm not sure I'm a 17 handicap, but that's what the Grint tells me I have. Anyway, I typically shoot low 90s from re
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