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  1. Tad Lehmann - Pittsburgh, PA Don't practice my putting anywhere as much as I need to - putting on any of my carpets is like what the pros described at Chambers Bay in 2015 I've never had a putting mat before The medium speed (10/11 on the stimp) would be phenomenal Many thanks to MGS and Birdieball
  2. MGS, I live in Pittsburgh, PA I am very interested in trying either the tincture (pure isolate would be my preference, but definitely up for full spectrum too) or the sports cream for lingering back and elbow injuries. My on-course demeanor? It mirrors the game of golf. Sometimes it looks and feels easy and I'm the happiest, most enjoy-it-in-the-moment guy on the course. Other days, I feel as though my hobby is a cruel tormentor and I do that silent smoldering trudge. I wear a WHOOP strap. Thanks TL
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