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  1. Golf club technology s really evolving, kind of a golden age right now. you owe it to yourself to get fit if not for anything then to experience the many great iron graphite shaft options out there now, not to mention the tech in players distance heads and great looking options in classic mb, cb heads. Last 2 months I’ve been thru a fitting process for new iron set, I need to go graphite due to lingering thumb and elbow issues. ( hot stix, club champ, pgass, Titleist Thursday)I have found that it is not just go find a head and then the shaft. It’s so personal based on swing and feel. There is no guarantee that a certain shaft profile or specific model will work best from head to head, so much variability and strange combo potential, it’s crazy. I’ve hit practically every graphite weight option in reg and stiff flex with most cb, gi, pd heads, including new level and hogan and Japanese options. i have wishon 560 cb’s with kbs tour and love the feel and weight. I also love rifle 6.0 shafts but just can’t continue with steel. Never would have expected kbs TGI at 70g to work, but it does best for me with ptx pro and forged tec. But then the t200 worked great with tensei white which is ascending weight starting in high 80 grams. Those are the three I am deciding on. Rather than experimenting buying a used set, Do a fitting or two to get the most graphite shaft exposure and find a fitter who will put adapter on your heads as well for comparison. good luck
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