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  1. That is true. Especially with WITB very few tour players use blades. When I think game improvement irons I think of Taylormade Stealth, Titleist T400 etc..... going off MPF Ratings even T100 are considered game improvement irons lol https://www.golfworks.com/iron-head-mpf-ratings/a/870/
  2. Practically what I just said. Less forgiving clubs will allow you to hit certain shot shapes if that is what you are after once you reach a certain level of ability. It being easier with certain clubs would be a reason to ditch the game improvement clubs. Why don't tour pros use game improvement clubs if ball flights will always remain the same? From my understanding game improvement clubs have a lower center of gravity which helps players get the ball in the air to maximize potential distance. Work ability and Feel vs Height and Forgiveness is all it comes down too....
  3. I would say jump to less forgiving irons when you want to start hitting certain shot shapes. I 100% agree with getting fit to see what you hit more consistently as far as distance and dispersion, but as you get "better" forgiving clubs will just be what they are..... forgiving. I will say I have always wondered when I play against people that are single digit HCs like me that play very forgiving clubs if they would be just as good and/or if I had more forgiving clubs if I would be better? Golf is weird, just get it in the hole
  4. I think it really depends up to you on what you want out of a lesson. I truly believe you have two types of people in golf. Those that want to be told what to do and those that want to figure out what to do. I started playing golf 3 years ago and I in everything have always been able to and wanted to do my own research. There is countless videos, articles and information out there that you can learn from but with this comes a lot of trial and error. Trying things just to find out that they don't work. To me this is why I don't believe much in swing lessons because unless you have money to blow on countless coaches till you find the one you CONNECT with it's just a waste of money. Many coaches have a one size fits all concept which is not true we are all different in shape and size, have different flexibility capabilities and golf isn't a sport where one motion works for everyone. I really enjoy the content that Pozark Golf on YouTube makes because it's based off of feels in golf not so much positions. To me being an athlete growing up it's easier for me to remember a feel than to be think about if my left wrist is suppose to be supinated, shoulder externally rotated and back pronated. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsdU6wpjCe-s-8NR75aTnMQ When I really want to geek out about a swing or position Athletic Motion Golf is a good channel to understand the why in golf: https://www.youtube.com/c/AthleticMotionGolf
  5. Out in West Texas we are fortunate to be able to play year round with the low temps in the winter getting to about 55ish. Still consider it an off season since golf related events die down: Mental Game and Focus: I want to be able to stay engaged in rounds even when there is no money on the line or isn't a tournament round Gym: Although I go often I would like to try and do more golf related work outs for core and stability 140 and in: feel like this is the difference between me touching high 70s sometimes to consistently being in the 70s
  6. Great article for affirmation that distance is will not always lead to lower score. I am currently finding out that a smoother swing and consistent tempo triumphs the all mightily bomb. Even though I have more than enough distance I still find myself swinging out of my shoes instead of being more consistant
  7. Has anyone else tried these out and/or made the switch? After years of using a Super Stroke Pistol GT Tour, I made the switch to a Garsen Quad Tour grip and never looing back! The flat edge on the bottom of the grip is small but I feel like it has improved my alignment and quieted my hands immensely. I have always been a above average putter but sometimes didn't have that 100% confidence that my hands were at the correct position on the putter. I usually set my grip first from the bottom rather than the top and with the flat bottom of the Garsen putter I know to always let the putter rest on the middle phalanges bone of my index finger (middle bone) then wrap my hands around the putter. https://garsengolf.com/products/quad-tour?variant=41315352084636&currency=USD&gclid=Cj0KCQjw-fmZBhDtARIsAH6H8qi98uK3aZCn25maZhaJ5mKDHKo9S5Ca3JIdCbCwJ7hbVUHGUjguMecaAiv8EALw_wcB33 https://superstrokeusa.com/products/traxion-pistol-gt-putter-grips?variant=41908534706370
  8. To a certain extent I think wedge fittings are more important than iron fittings. I think the main focus of irons if to get your distances and ball flight dialed in but the major of weekend golfers don't hit many greens. I know in my case when I started playing what helped me be in the 80s more often was not being on the driving range blasting irons at targets. I saw the most improvement when I started working on my wedge yardages. they say wedge gapping should be between 4 and 6 degrees. My PW is a 46 and my GW is a 52 then I go 56 and 60. I still get the same 10 yard gapping in between my clubs.
  9. I think sending the will allow you to make a more fluid backswing. Just like in Baseball for outfield player coaches would of say to throw through the cut off man not at him. Hitting the ball may cause you to just focus on where the ball is not finish your full swing.
  10. there's a penalty for carrying more than 14 clubs..... I think after a few years every golfer starts to have their own golf shop with old equipment
  11. WOW! that is good news for those unsure about the clubs they want to get!
  12. Don't take such a slow back swing that allows you to think about positions or where your club/hands are. The range is for that the course is to play. Just like MLB players that have milliseconds to even think about their swing if they think about their swing they will miss the ball. Golfers aren't waiting on a ball but our tempo is everything for a smooth swing. My only suggestion is that if your set up doesn't feel right step out of the shot. Knowing something doesn't feel right is going to be a disaster because 1.) you already know something is off and 2.) you are going to try and compensate or tweak something that will contribute to a big disaster
  13. 1. I chose this model because I feel they will help me be more accurate on approach shots 2. JC/ El Paso, Texas 3. I am gaming P760s 4. My current handicap 7.3 5. I agree to participate in discussions on the forum about your experience with the irons after receiving them
  14. Strictly just use ProV1x. I don't know if it's the best ball for me but I think since it's the ball that I have played since I started I know how the ball will react around the greens and one certain shots. TP5 golf balls I will say last longer for some reason but I think the logo on them is to big.
  15. I play whatever helps my game! only thing I will not change is my ProV1X
  16. I've been using Arccos for the last couple of years and my experience has been great and it performs just as it says. However when I first started using it I was more focused on how far I was hitting my clubs since I didn't have a clue. To now I strictly just use it for the apple watch gps function. Although the tags are small I do notice a difference in feel when I don't have the tag on my clubs to when I do. Which is why I want to ditch it. So my question is: What golf GPS do y'all use and do you use the apple watch integration with it?
  17. TexasFullSend


  18. My first set of irons were some old ping i3s. Love the clubs mainly because they were my learning clubs!
  19. Sending this to the DOT lol
  20. I have never played with spikeless just feel like I can't keep my back foot from sliding under me.
  21. 1.) 52* bump and run. I try and land it half way and let it feed near the hole. 2.) putter or 60* ball played back of the stance. 3.) 60* rough will take the spin off the ball so it'll be like a bump and run. 4.) 60* get it up in the air and try and have it land soft. 5.) 56* regular setup. 6.) 56* open club face ball further up. 7.) 52* or PW regular setup. 8.) PW* open club face forward in the stance. 9.) 60* half swing. I make sure to make solid contact and hit through the ball not hit the ball. Should be able to have the ball check up. 10.) 60* pick a spot where i want the ball to land and have it release to the hole.
  22. Right! haha I thought the same thing!
  23. Career high 4 birdies this week! Previous personal record was 2!
  24. I have not tired hitting driver. Hitting bay will be used mainly for shots 7 iron and in. Ceiling is 9ft. I put pipe insulation on the garage door rack just incase I hit it on the back swing haha
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