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  1. My first set of irons were some old ping i3s. Love the clubs mainly because they were my learning clubs!
  2. Sending this to the DOT lol
  3. I have never played with spikeless just feel like I can't keep my back foot from sliding under me.
  4. 1.) 52* bump and run. I try and land it half way and let it feed near the hole. 2.) putter or 60* ball played back of the stance. 3.) 60* rough will take the spin off the ball so it'll be like a bump and run. 4.) 60* get it up in the air and try and have it land soft. 5.) 56* regular setup. 6.) 56* open club face ball further up. 7.) 52* or PW regular setup. 8.) PW* open club face forward in the stance. 9.) 60* half swing. I make sure to make solid contact and hit through the ball not hit the ball. Should be able to have the ball check up. 10.) 60* pick a spot where i want the ball to land and have it release to the hole.
  5. Right! haha I thought the same thing!
  6. Career high 4 birdies this week! Previous personal record was 2!
  7. I have not tired hitting driver. Hitting bay will be used mainly for shots 7 iron and in. Ceiling is 9ft. I put pipe insulation on the garage door rack just incase I hit it on the back swing haha
  8. Got the mat in sooner than expected and it is awesome!
  9. They should work since FullSwing Kit Launch Monitors uses Doppler Technology as well. https://www.golfspan.com/how-do-golf-launch-monitors-work
  10. Just like bunker shots many people will slow their swing down or end it at contact. 50 yard shots aren't full shots but require enough energy transfer which will make the difference between it going 30 and 40 yard and the your desired 50 yards. Taking a bigger back swing will only make you think it is to much swing and cause you to slow your swing down even more OR hit the ball flush and have it fly passed the intended distance. For me I don't use the clock system on pitch shots. I have a feel of how far I take the club back but my tempo, down swing and finish I try and keep the same. 90 yard shots my hands on my back swing feel that they are at my ear 80 yard shots my hands feel they are slightly below my ear or at my neck 70 yard shots my hands feel that they are even with my shoulders 60 yard shots my hands feel that they are even with my chest/pecks 50 yards I feel they are even with my rib cage 30-40 is hip high or I just bump and run it. Now granted these are my feels and if you took a video/photo of me my hands may be way off of where I think they are but this is how I gauge my distances. My biggest concern since the body for the most part is stagnate like many have said with the weight on the front foot and narrow stance etc... is that I try and hit the ball clean on the bottom grooves of the club face so the ball can check and not roll out on me. I try and finish all my swing with my hands high this prevent me shot hitting the ball and let me hit through the ball. Surprise Surprise… it will take you a couple range session to figure it out but there are drills you can do to figure it out. Many people think you have to hit to a target at the range but you can do a ladder drill. Tag a spot on the range and hit 30-40 yards shots then 50,60,70,80,90 granted you will be guessing the exact yardage but this is about building your feel.
  11. Yeah I’m trying to get something that isn’t going to cause injury in the long run. What’s the point of getting better if you’re going to be nursing injuries. Thanks for the photo man! I’ll repost ones I get one
  12. Well I just ordered some RCTs so I’ll soon be offering my experience with them haha
  13. What is the difference in quality? I’ve been trying to read the reviews but can’t find the difference
  14. I have the mevo not the mevo+ I would assume there shouldn't be an issue since they both "require" the dots for readings
  15. That is good to hear. I know the there will be some bad reading but it seems like a hassle to be aligning a golf ball each time which is why I want to go the RCT route
  16. I just got a Mevo but wondering if the RCT balls are worth getting. It seems like the tech is the same as the metallic dots.
  17. Has anyone purchased this mat off amazon? https://www.amazon.com/Golf-Dura-Pro-Premium-Commercial-Balls/dp/B003E6IZ36/ref=sr_1_22?keywords=DURA-PRO&qid=1656514146&sr=8-22#customerReviews
  18. There is a lot of topics regarding the RCT golf balls and the Mevo+ but has anyone used the golf balls on the Mevo?
  19. Yeah it'll be interesting to see what the PGA says at the next conference but have they reached a point of no return? I feel like their ego is to big for them to do the right thing without them feeling like they are folding.
  20. Do y'all weight balance your clubs with the Arccos tags or thought if the weight the tags add effect swing weighting? The recent article (https://golfweek.usatoday.com/2022/04/19/arccos-gen3-sensors-shot-tracking-golf-analytics/) it mentions the weight of the tag which is about 6 grams. Wondering if this is something to consider before buying Arccos and/or if it should be included when balancing a club.
  21. Wondering if any of y'all have made yourself a mallet cover display rack or know where I can buy one. All I seem to find is for tradition blade covers.
  22. He wouldn't leave if he couldn't play in the major events. 150million rumored payout to join the Saudi Tour and still get to compete in the major events... no brainer. Pro golfers play to win the major nobody cares what weekend tournaments you have won, look at Rickie Fowler aside from his Players win.
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