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  1. All good info. One question now is : what is the difference between a "cover", and a "mantle"? Since the USGA makes a point to list "covers" as a separate item, there must be some physical difference to the balls with 2+ "covers". Anybody know anyone with the USGA that can talk about balls? golf balls, that is.
  2. Hello fellow Spies, Just joined the community today and looking for info on a golf ball spec that I can't find anywhere else. Anybody know what it means when golf balls have double or triple "covers"? On the USGA approved golf ball listing, we can see within each ball's description, a notation for "1c" or "2c" or 3c". Wondering if this means layers of urethane on the outer cover, AND what difference does having multiple covers on a golf ball do? Thanks for the help! Incawino
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