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  1. I have DBM irons and M+ wedges and Ke4 tour long irons ( also dbm finish) and bent all 3 degrees flat and changed lofts by up to 2 degrees. So all up 14 heads bent, 2 cracked. Very tiny cracks. Golfworks agreed to bend 2 deg flat for me when i ordered replacements. My clubfitter however said they were 0 flat and bent them again to 3. I got a mate who is a metals genius and he got the welder onto my cracked heads. First attempt instantly blew a hole out of the other side of the hosel. He thought that was either due to some glue inside or the DBM material burning, or both. kids, Dont try this at home. Then to do the 7iron he first ground the dbm off, and welded it up successfully. Its ugly but he declared it will break in 5 mins or never. Thats now my driving range club, and its hit 1000s balls off mats over a couple years.
  2. How did you all find adjusting the adaptor? two problems I have is they put some sort of glue (seems) in the head that makes it so difficult to remove the tip from the head. secondly, is I find it difficult to screw it back in - i repeatedly damage the thread in the tip obviously its going in on an angle. It might take me 10x to get it screwed in properly. Each time I will have to remove the tip. use my spare bolt to screw into the adaptor to clean up the thread. I admit i bought a couple of after market adaptors, and thats where i first have this problem. but I have the same problem with the originals as well, on both EXS Pro and EXS 220. I dont think its because I am an uncoordinated numpty, my clubmaker had the same problem. i also have some Cobra and Ping adjustables, and I can comfortably screw them in, blindfolded, drunk on a trampoline.
  3. by the way, i will be getting around to selling these heads one day Trouble Out Plus 3 (13d) and 5 (17d) and 20d Hybrid Tricept TO 4 (15d) (same as trouble it twin rails just next model) If anyone is keen, we can talk about that. these have been very popular and hard to find. I just couldnt get them to go with my preferred shaft. I still use the 20H but expect someone would prefer all of them.
  4. True, i lost count of the times somes asked me if mine are some boutique japanese clubs, and everyone i met in PHX is playing PXG or Ping - so its good to see a contrarian from there. I wont be changing my DBMs anytime soon - the black just doesnt wear out, and they dont ding up.
  5. Yeah... I play Maltby in my irons. I am from the other side of the world and deep south of you, but I have visited Chandler twice in two years. Hung around Seville and played plenty of rounds there - small world huh! KE4 Tour 2/3 DBM 4-G about 7yo. PW has been benched and bent others around to fill gaps neatly. G-48, 9-43, 8-38, 7-34, 6-30,5-26, 4-23 M Series 54/58 I have got in the back shed, Tricept Wedges, and trouble out 3W/4W/5W/2H, and formerly had a set of MPC irons. all with Nunchuk shafts, gripmaster leather grips, all MOI matched.
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