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  1. by the way, i will be getting around to selling these heads one day Trouble Out Plus 3 (13d) and 5 (17d) and 20d Hybrid Tricept TO 4 (15d) (same as trouble it twin rails just next model) If anyone is keen, we can talk about that. these have been very popular and hard to find. I just couldnt get them to go with my preferred shaft. I still use the 20H but expect someone would prefer all of them.
  2. True, i lost count of the times somes asked me if mine are some boutique japanese clubs, and everyone i met in PHX is playing PXG or Ping - so its good to see a contrarian from there. I wont be changing my DBMs anytime soon - the black just doesnt wear out, and they dont ding up.
  3. Yeah... I play Maltby in my irons. I am from the other side of the world and deep south of you, but I have visited Chandler twice in two years. Hung around Seville and played plenty of rounds there - small world huh! KE4 Tour 2/3 DBM 4-G about 7yo. PW has been benched and bent others around to fill gaps neatly. G-48, 9-43, 8-38, 7-34, 6-30,5-26, 4-23 M Series 54/58 I have got in the back shed, Tricept Wedges, and trouble out 3W/4W/5W/2H, and formerly had a set of MPC irons. all with Nunchuk shafts, gripmaster leather grips, all MOI matched.
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