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  1. I can attest that this is not accurate. My current gamers are the TE Forged with BB&F Co Ferrules. I mailed the ferrules to Golfworks with an order form for the iron specs and they built them up beautifully. They even called me before they started the build just to confirm everything. Highly recommend it.
  2. Those clubs look mean & spooky! Well done. What type of paint did you use for the paint fill? I've never attempted it myself but I've been reading blogs & articles about how to strip the old paint using acetone, but it seems like everyone has a different recommendation for what type of paint to use. Any other tips would be appreciated!
  3. @NCDuffer is right. I recently replaced my previous gamers with the Maltby TE Forged. But before I made the switch, I ordered three 6 irons (all TE because I was really drawn to the simplicity of the head design and more traditional lofts) with varying shafts. I tested the three 6 irons for a while to get an idea of which shaft felt and performed best. I fell in love with the feel of one and that's what I moved forward with. I sold the three 6 iron "samplers" on eBay for pennies on the dollar. Fortunately Maltby clubs are priced at a point where it doesn't break the bank to follow the method I used. FWIW, I'm absolutely loving these irons. The feel is superb. Maltby/Golfworks makes a really good product.
  4. This makes sense. Given the manufacturing processes that creates a harder surface in the DBM, do you think there is a noticeable difference in feel versus the TE? The TE's feel so buttery.
  5. @Eric Elliott now that you've had them for several months, how have the DBMs been working out? Feel, forgiveness, overall playability?
  6. I've been gaming the Wilson D7 Forged since last summer and I was pretty shocked when I saw they carry an MPF score of 438. But then again, my distance and lateral dispersion with them is pretty erratic. Seeing as how inexpensive the TE Forged heads are, I decided to build three 6 irons in different shafts for some testing. Even with an MPF of 788, I didn't expect the TE to be ultra forgiving given its compact shape. After four driving range sessions and one 9-hole round, I have been incredibly impressed by how much forgiveness this club provides. The carry distance is down a tad from my Wilsons due to the weaker lofts, but the distance consistency appears, thus far, to be superior. I'm finding a groove with one of the shafts in particular and I feel like I'm throwing darts with this club. It feels weird to consider replacing a 1.5 year old model with an 11 year old model, but I suppose Maltby/GolfWorks hasn't replaced it because it works and still sells. I too echo @WalterS's question about the longevity of the grooves and wonder if the DBM version would hold up better over time.
  7. Thanks - That is what I thought but the GHIN options only allow for Green Hit or directional misses. Missed Short would be most applicable but I wish there was an option for "Missed - Penalty" or something in that realm.
  8. Hi Spies, I wanted to put a scenario out there about how a penalty stroke should be applied and how or whether it impacts GIR. I enter my hole-by-hole scores into GHIN with advanced stats and I realized that I wasn't 100% sure how to enter the GIR cell for a particular hole. Scenario: Par 5, hit second shot into water. Took my drop and hit the green with my next shot. Two putted. Score: 5 strokes + 1 penalty stroke = 6 I believe this would not count as a GIR because the penalty applies immediately in my stroke count, so I reached the green in four strokes, not three, correct? In which case, the proper GIR entry on GHIN would be "Missed Short", correct? The other way to look at it would be that I reached the green in 3 actual strokes and the penalty doesn't factor into that statistic. I know GIR is only for personal stat tracking purposes but I am interested in seeing what others think. I'm probably also overthinking this
  9. Wow, sounds like a bad deal. Sorry you had to be the guinea pig but at least you're not out any $, just the hassle.
  10. That's the icing on the cake. My personal reference point is heavily trafficked LA / OC municipal courses and I don't think it can be understated how much better golf is when the pace of play issue is removed from the equation.
  11. Looks serene. What a phenomenal way to start a Friday.
  12. Hi Cory, I'm curious about this ClubCorp "Play Away" membership. Please share your experience with it as you go because it seems intriguing but also seems like you have to put in some leg work to get the value out of it. I recently cancelled my Long Beach Player's Club membership because I felt that the value was subpar. Thanks!
  13. Brendan / Long Beach, CA Dexterity: Right Handed Primary: Fairway Wood - GS53: MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 gram Stiff Secondary: Hybrid - VKTR+: Recoil ES 85 F4 Stiff Handicap: 15.7 I currently game a Titleist TS3 21˚ (turned down 1˚). Longest iron is 5i.
  14. Brendan Long Beach, CA TaylorMade Sim Max D 15.7 95-100mph TSi2
  15. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I started playing golf when I was 10 or 11, so about 22 or 23 years. My dad introduced me to the game. The frustration and the addictive qualities of golf hit me almost immediately. During one of my first ever 9-hole rounds I missed a close putt and drove my putter head straight into the green. I handed my dad a great opportunity to teach me about golf etiquette and how to calmly deal with the fact that golf is a game of failure. Between high school and the age of 30 I only played a few times a year and would consistently shoot in the low to mid 90s. It wasn't until 2020 that I decided to turn up the intensity by playing and practicing more frequently. I have started to shoot mostly in the upper 80's with a low score a month ago of 84 at my home course. My GHIN Index is currently 15.9. What do you love about golf? I love golf because of the promise of what is to come. Whenever I am not golfing, I am thinking about my next round. I am visualizing shots on specific holes. I am considering different strategies to work around weaknesses. I am imagining the feeling of striping drives and flushing irons. I am telling myself that the next round will be the one where everything coalesces. That despite a most recent round score of 96, breaking 80 is just around the corner. I love golf because of the ability to romanticize it. I love golf because it never quite works out the way you pictured it in your head. I especially love golf when it plays out exactly how you imagined it. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? As I mentioned in my introductory paragraph, between high school and the age of 30 I only played a few times per year. I didn't take the game seriously at all and my equipment reflected that. Until the Spring of 2020 I was gaming the same equipment for the previous 18 years. A couple of years ago I took my early 2000's era driver in for re-shafting and the fitter laughed at me. So instead of having it re-shafted I played without a driver in the bag. When I started playing more consistently I determined that it was time to start upgrading my equipment. As such, I began researching clubs and MyGolfSpy was impossible to overlook. To be honest, at first I was a little put off by the name, "MyGolfSpy." I didn't understand what the site was supposed to be, because I would only end up on it by clicking through to specific articles from Google searches. Over time, the writing hooked me and got me to proactively visit the site. I was reading so many product reviews and product announcements and would be so pleased when I'd open up an article and see @GolfSpy Barbajo's name in the byline. I also think that consumers are savvier than ever and realize that OEM's & golf media companies are in bed together. It is hard to give credence to product reviews that you believe have been paid for by the brand being reviewed. The MGS mission of being an independent, unbiased and data-driven review platform is a breath of fresh air. I have started interacting with other Spies through the forum but do not really know any yet. Where are you from? What is your home course? I am from inland Orange County in SoCal but Long Beach is my adopted home since 2007. My home course is Skylinks but also frequently play Recreation Park 18 & 9. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? The best thing about golf in my area is the number of quality public courses. Long Beach alone has five municipal courses. The worst thing about golf in my region is the slow pace of play. What do you do for a living? I am an Analyst on a Logistics team for a home design & renovation company. Among other things, we sell home furnishings, decor & fixtures through our site and app. How’d you pick your user name? I chose this user name because it is the same as my IG handle.
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