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About Me

I'm a SoCal native who fell in love with the game thanks to my dad patiently teaching it to me at the age of 10. I was passionate about golf until high school, when other interests superseded. I played only occasionally from the age of 16-29 and was very casual about my approach. I gamed the same equipment from the age of 15-33 and felt that new equipment was not going to make much of an impact on my results.

The Spring of 2020 changed all of that when I purchased a "new" lightly pre-owned driver. My previous driver was so bad that I didn't even carry it in the bag anymore. Instantly, golf became fun again, passion reignited. I had forgotten about that feeling of standing over the ball with a big shiny driver and having that feeling of "I am going to murder this ball." 

During my initial years of playing the game I would spend hours upon hours pouring over equipment reviews in Golf Digest and coveting everything in GolfSmith catalog (MacGregor Blades 😍). When my passion for the game returned as an adult, researching golf equipment had completely changed from hard copy to digital: YouTube reviews, Reddit threads, blogs, social media comment sections and of course, MYGOLFSPY.

I am a believer in MGS's mission and data driven approach to reviewing golf equipment and accessories.

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