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  1. Anyone following a different protocol than Superspeed suggests? What is it and any results available? Tried looking thru this thread but at 81 pages deep is a challenge. I made it partway thru protocol 3. My left wrist started becoming really sore and painful. Maybe tendinitis? Two weeks of rest didn’t help. I also struggled getting speed w the green stick and the step-thru swings. They were always slower than normal footed swings. I’m going with a blue only 3 set of 5 swings (both L and R) plan with 2 days rest in between sessions. Just looking for confirmation
  2. Love my Mevo+ for many reasons but using in conjunction with my instructor is probably the most beneficial. Seems like b4 every lesson he asks what kind of shots I’m seeing. Rather than me trying to describe it I can show him entire sessions and the videos of each swing. Clearly not quality video like instructor has but these guys can see a lot even on iPhone video. Only drawback is it’s typically not data/swings from my actual round.
  3. Love this thread, gets me excited for golf trips! For winter trips I fully support modifying rules of golf. We play courses much tighter than our handicaps are built for. Rarely play full stroke and distance for OB but use the local USGA rule or play everything as a drop w 1 penalty stroke. Speeds up play and doesn’t really impact our partners Chicago scoring system for the gambling portion. Big believer in partner formats with groups over 8 and rarely try to use single net medal score for our cumulative games.
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