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  1. I buy blind because I'm to cheap to get fitted. I'd rather spends thousands figuring it out myself.
  2. You may be able to hide the lead tape under the weight for a cleaner look.
  3. Play to your strength, but practice both. I believe practicing the opposite will help you make subconscious adjustments and improve consistency.
  4. Game golf. New in the box, hidden away somewhere. Not sure I want to stick the end pieces in my clubs.
  5. Yes steel shafts in the ufw's 40" 7w, 39" 9w.
  6. Club glove pro because the internet said club glove was the best at the time. I use a stiff arm and don't do anything special. The pro has plenty of room if you really want to load it up. You can stuff enough clothes and gear in the pro right up to the weight limit with plenty of room to spare.
  7. You should be able to break into the single digits within 1 season. I dropped about 10 strokes a year the first couple years I played until I got around 10. I am currently a 7 and have been for awhile. I don't practice much just play 1-2 time a week. You need to keep tee shots in play and give yourself a shot at the green. Approach shots need to hit the green or be reasonably close. Chip shots to 6' or better. Bunkers out the first time. Putt with good speed control. (limit 3 putts) When in trouble, get out first. You can always stick it tight from the fairway or make a putt. Almost nobody hits 3 wood well of the deck, even single digits. Go with 5w, 7w, or a hybrid or whatever you can hit reliably.
  8. MMB-blacks and UFW 7 and 9 woods.
  9. I find it odd that they wouldn't have a stock shaft even if its a made for, since they don't return them to the customer.
  10. You could try attaching a tracker to you wedges. https://www.amazon.com/Tile-RE-25004-Sticker-4-Pack/dp/B07W4XYTPY/ref=sr_1_6?crid=A9SUFG1MM6LD&dchild=1&keywords=tiles+tracker&qid=1619965258&sprefix=Tile%2Caps%2C217&sr=8-6
  11. The Raymond Floyd story. Find it on youtube if you haven't heard it.
  12. 100- within 1st year. First time I kept score was 130. 90- 2nd year 80- 3-5 years can't really remember 70- I've been playing about 15 years now and am not sure I want to play/practice enough to do it. I was starting to give up hope then I played a round from the kids tees (66). I've put up a 71 last year and a 70 this year so it may happen.
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