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  1. First and foremost I would like to thank DavidDVM for inviting me to play in the CobraConnect Challenge. I have recently started playing the game again and enjoyed playing the Challenge. Especially with an old friend that I used to play with. This is also my first post on this forum and new to MyGolfSpy so "Hello" to everyone. Thanks B. Boston for the Welcome. When David told me about the One Length Irons I really wanted to try them out because it sounded like a great idea. After a short learning curve I felt very confident in the clubs. Note: We went straight to the Tee Box, I never hit these clubs one time before the Challenge. The extra yardage is great not to mention they are way more forgiving than my 15 or so year old Deep Reds. I also have a higher ball flight on my Approach Shots with the Cobra's. My Sand Wedge shots were checking within about 5 feet of my ball mark. All in All the Cobra One Length has me excited about the game again and looking forward to getting my Handicap back down. Something else worth noting coming from a person with back problems. I am more comfortable physically with the One Length. My back is straighter and I am not swinging the club as hard. And I am less fatigued after the round. We were able to get in 5 more holes after the Challenge without alternating shots. And then we both succumbed to the Texas heat. Cheers...
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