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  1. i think maybe just one more new topic complaining about the current state of golf will get you over the hump and make the ruling bodies take heed. definitely just ooooone more. you’re almost there, don’t stop now.
  2. @Lacassem nailed it. no one was in front of us in the fairway to step on the ball. we had a lot of rain friday/saturday and there were some really soft spots on the fairways today.
  3. unless a handful of guys who switch to armlock star tearing though rounds with 20 putts, this seems like an awful lot of wasted energy and key strokes
  4. horribly. tough course after a long layoff and i was hitting everything fat. i had a few great drives on the back 9 and a picture perfect approach on 14, but other than that, i was striking the ball terribly. the bright spot was the putter. i shot about 1,000 on the front 9 but had just 16 putts.
  5. pretty easy to prove the carry number on your drive when it plugs more than half a ball deep in the fairway we played a beautiful course today but some parts were still a little soft from rain over the last few days.
  6. 9i from 170 out, perfect lie in the fairway. hit a high draw to about 6ft.
  7. i can’t make a driver last much more than 20 rounds, forget about 20 years! the longevity is impressive
  8. thanks, trying to get the yard in shape so we can enjoy them this summer i used the pvc lattice. figured it’d last longer and be less maintenance. haha i guess you’re right, i’ll get on it.
  9. spent half the day putting lattice up to close off the bottom of the deck. i think it came out pretty good.
  10. several in this thread have gotten their G400 replaced outside of warranty, myself included. mine was even bought second hand. a claim like “ping doesn’t stand behind their product” holds no weight in the face of evidence like that. they have 0 responsibility to replace a product past its warranty coverage. that being said, i’d imagine if your first conversation with them wasn’t full of threats, you’d have gotten further than you did. no need to kiss ass, i sure didn’t.
  11. playing, practicing, and purchasing have all been slow since moving and getting settled, but my Vessel headcover came in today. using this one on my u500 2i to protect the shaft. it also keeps my headcover theme going.
  12. justin rose bunker shot on 11 was absolutely ridiculous.
  13. haha wow!! i think i would’ve gotten more support if i said i was considering putting side saddle. @tony@CIC @B.Boston @MattF @Lacassem @Tom the Golf Nut i’ve got someone coming by tomorrow to fix the hole i put in the ceiling. the new wallpaper plan is to ask him how much he’d charge to paper the one wall in question.
  14. anyone have advice or tips for hanging wallpaper? never attempted it before but i’ve got a wall in the new house that the wife wants to put some on.
  15. whats the cost on the rypstick vs. the super speed system?
  16. thankfully no, or i’d need a divorce lawyer instead of a handyman no clubs were harmed in the making of this hole. just put my fat foot in the wrong spot up in the attic. also, you and @Lacassem should really take your mind reading bit on the road. i’d buy a ticket to that show.
  17. made a custom access point from the attic to the second story hallway. i’m available for design consultations, but i’m in high demand so act fast.
  18. somewhere on the 3.5 acres out back. that’ll be a summer project.
  19. home sweet (new) home. made sure to get my clubs off the truck and into the basement so they weren’t cold for another night. priorities are definitely in order, haha.
  20. sounds awesome. a buddy of mine joined, so hopefully i’ll get out there this season.
  21. is that Colonial Springs?
  22. oh that’s perfect. “baby i got up early to go get you coffee and somehow ended up on the first tee with my driver. so weird.”
  23. officially homeless!! we closed on the sale of our house today and don’t close on the purchase of our new one until friday afternoon. ive got a truck full of our crap and we’re couch surfing for 48 hours
  24. not sure what isofix is, but my son’s car seat has left some temporary impressions that come out if i take the seat out. i get my car detailed every other week, so my car’s leather gets a rest from the car seat. so far, nothing permanent.
  25. vaccinated population + outdoors makes masks a non issue. the problem is the folks who have been vaccinated who feel they don’t need to wear a mask inside in public spaces now. seems like every problem we solve creates 2 more.
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