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  1. thanks for the input! you can take this with a grain of salt, as i did, but in reality that’s 124/125. my coach says his monitor is due for a bit of a recalibration. one of the things we’ve worked on is establishing a “game speed” for me. right now that’s sitting in the low 120s. above that i lose control of the club face.
  2. more driver work with my coach today. we’re getting closer to the numbers i should be seeing. the right equipment plus some changes to how i’m swinging the club have things moving in the right direction. tried a new driver today: TM Sim 8* set to 8.25 or 8.5, 43.5” Oban Kiyoshi Tour Limited 70g Xflex i’m thinking of starting a thread about my “journey” to get myself a driver, because it’s come a long way in a short time. i’ll get it all consolidated if there’s any interest
  3. i’m glad i’m not married to either of your wives. i’m not scared of mine and have a wonderful marriage. cheers, boys!
  4. my dad has always had facial hair, he shaved it once 25 years ago when my sister was about 6 and she cried for 4 straight days until it somewhat filled back in. he's had a beard or goatee ever since
  5. just do the same thing to her in reverse. “no honey you can’t wear that dress anymore you look like crap in it” #chipsmarriageplaybook
  6. too light for me, good luck everyone! looking forward to the reviews
  7. that’s me, albeit from a few years ago. just one of my useless talents - i grow a ridiculously thick dark beers. that was about 10 months of growth. these days i stay with some stubble, i don’t have the patience to grow another big beard.
  8. a much smaller, poorer version
  9. i love my double wide! classic shape, long alignment line, stroke lab shaft, just awesome
  10. the silver lining is i get to blame every bad shot on my crappy clubs
  11. little update here: just got off the phone with the shop i ordered through. i was originally waiting on the dynamic gold x7 shafts...now it appears titleist is experiencing delays with the t100 heads the estimate they got from titleist is that the heads will be in the first week of november and i should have my clubs in hand the second week of november. here's a live look at the golf gods having a laugh at my expense...
  12. yikes, this was eye opening. glad i only paid $20/dozen for the two boxes i picked up.
  13. this is exactly why i lease all my everyday cars. after 3 years i'm itching for something new, and usually there's been a new model update released across many makes at that point. i'm currently in a jeep grand cherokee summit which goes back in June. Tahoe RST, BMW X5M, Audi Q8 Premium, and Cadillac XT6 Sport are on the short list.
  14. @EasyPutteri actually thought about doing that with my bumpers as well. my mat is right up against the couch, so when a ball rolls off it rolls under the couch - pretty annoying. looks like you beat me to it - glad to see it worked out well!
  15. tonight’s practice: i wanted to work on shorter putts. a lot of times i’ll hit a not-so-great lag putt and find myself with 4-5 feet to save par (read bogey) and i struggle with those putts a lot. the goal was not only to sink the putt, but to actually hit the little flag stick, essentially drilling the putt dead center in the cup. each successful round (5 for 5) id back up another few inches. i found that i had a lot more success if i stood a bit taller and straightened my arms out a little bit. this allowed me to take some of the tension out of my arms and feel the wei
  16. i guess it’s just never bothered me what someone i’ve been paired up with is wearing. i’m cool with everything from tank tops to tuxedos.
  17. to the dress code point: no, i don’t think there should be a universal dress code to get on a course. it would discourage a lot of people from playing. private courses can and should uphold whatever dress codes they want, that’s their right. but public courses and town-owned courses should be more accessible, and that usually means relaxing the dress code.
  18. @Getoffmylawnthose are all great haha. i’ve used #2 a time or two before, it’s a solid move. i have a pretty big gun collection, so what i started doing was leaving a few new ones at my dad’s house, then after a training day at the range, taking mine over there to clean them and coming home with 2 or 3 more in my range bag than i left the house with. it’s less obvious than coming home with a brand spanking new case. generally though, my wife and i don’t worry about how the other person spends their money. we have a few joint accounts that are shared for household expenses and
  19. currently i do, because i don’t have anything between my 9i (160-165) and my 56 (120) as a result, my 9i has to play a lot of roles and i choke down to take some distance or height off the ball once my PW and 52 come in, i’ll be able to use full and 3/4 swings to cover all my gaps
  20. 46/46 for a 92. the good news is the really great shots are starting to outweigh the truly bad ones. stuffed a few wedges to within 3’ from 90-120, chipped pretty well, and a birdie on the par 5 18 which is always nice we had a ton of rain recently and i got out early, so the greens were super soft and slow. putting wasn’t great today i feel like i’m really close to shooting in the low-mid 80s consistently. i know that part of it is just losing focus on a few shots each round. another part of it is not having confidence in my equipment. it’s hard to go at shots knowin
  21. @cnosil @THEZIPR23 i agree completely. i wonder if i’d feel the same if the question was asked using Tiger as the example.....
  22. that’s why i lease. give em back with some tread left on the tires and get a newer model
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