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  1. to be fair, if you didn’t you wouldn’t have mentioned it. it was an art form used to thank god for the cds that had the lyrics printed in the jacket. that way you made sure you got it just right
  2. this reminds me of being in middle school when people would put up cryptic away messages on AIM that said they wanted to be left alone when they REALLY wanted someone to ask them what was wrong.
  3. yeah but they look 1000 times better than untinted windows, so i’ll take my chances with the fix it ticket. i’ve had limo tints for over 15 years and i’ve been stopped once in all that time. i prefer an SUV as a daily driver to a car. my golf clubs will never in a million years be a consideration to get me to change that. now, to further dissent from the group…when i do feel like driving a car to the course, my woods have to go in the front seat because they won’t fit in the front trunk.
  4. we’ve got some new additions to the family. coop got finished today so these 12 ladies came home from the farm. we’ve got barred rocks, olive eggers, plymouth white rocks, and one lavender orpington.
  5. everything has a price and someone offered me the right number.
  6. my buddy has a ‘67 convertible. absolutely gorgeous. i just sold this: all numbers matching 1970 454 LS6
  7. for so many reasons. first, i can’t tell you the last time i was actually at a dealership other than to pick up the car i ordered and paid for. we shopped online through apps for my wife’s last two cars and they were delivered to the house. for mine, i just work with my guys at either of two dealerships directly and i don’t show up until the car is there second, i mainly choose a car based on how it looks. i couldn’t care less if i have to lay a seat down or take a club out of the bag. if it mattered to me, i’d take my work truck to the course. the idea that there would be a car someone absolutely loved but they passed on it because their clubs didn’t fit perfectly, or even worse because their wife’s clubs didn’t fit is preposterous to me.
  8. if anyone wants to know what a high ball flight looks like, i invite you to come play a round with me i promise you that a PW at 170’ in the air is a sight to behold
  9. picked up an early 2000s scotty cameron pro platinum newport that’s in pretty rough shape last night for…$100!! it’s gonna get refinished this winter along with a set of mizuno mp33s
  10. these are my views on the subject, basically verbatim.
  11. from the article: “Smith had the sixth-best score out of six players on his team. The Aggies finished 11th in the 13-team field, 57 shots off the pace set by tournament champion Elon.” that’s a very long winded way of saying he had the worst score.
  12. it wouldn’t be in @dlow206’s bag long enough to say the full name. sheesh what a mouthful
  13. i've got a second home in florida, so i put a second bag together for down there. 14 clubs set to my specs, plus the bag for less than $1000. i'm sure i'm only one of dozens of examples of a complete bag being built on a tight budget. complaining about sticker shock when you built almost two complete bags from driver to wedge is insane.
  14. calling NC A&T State "the limelight" is a stretch that a gymnast would be envious of.
  15. hahaha! well said. reminds me of this great bit Robin Williams did about golf (caution: language)...
  16. this has happened to me once or twice, but mine corrected itself when i took a few practice swings with my wedge. by "practice swings" i mean i was walking around in a 10 foot circle waving my club like an idiot. somewhere, there was a guy telling his family over dinner about the lunatic on the course fighting off invisible monsters.
  17. to be fair, i’ve spent more than that on a suit. $6000 seems like a bargain for TWENTY FOUR clubs.
  18. great range session tonight. i had my wedges bent 2* flat to fight my constant left miss with wedge shots and everything was point and shoot. i was hitting the ball on my number and on my target. after warming up with half a bucket, i decided to “play a round”. i went through the first 15 holes of my home course and my swing felt really free and easy through the whole bag. i pured an 8 iron right at the 175 flag on “15” and called it a day there. i ended with a short driver speed session. 20 all out swings not caring about where the ball went. i’m trying to establish a baseline for this winter’s speed training and possibly a shot at competing in long drive. here’s the best swing of the night. most of the rest were 128+
  19. i agree, much better on my desktop. im on this site on my phone 80% of the time though. the audi one has been around for a month or so, and i thought it was bad. but this new banana republic ad is its bigger, more annoying brother.
  20. this (and the audi ad) have to be the most aggressive advertisements i’ve seen since joining this site. they fill up 1/3 of the bottom of the screen and then wrap around the entire thing rendering the whole site useless. the screen on my phone is starting to look like the outfield wall at a minor league stadium. what gives?
  21. another win for shotscope: the course i play most often used to have a long par 5 on number 8. at some point in the last year, it was shortened to a driveable par 4 because two houses were in the danger zone off the tee. shotscope still had it listed as a par 5, so i emailed them. two days later i had a response saying that not only did they re-map the course, but they left me detailed instructions for how to sync my app up with the changes they made.
  22. i played 9 holes yesterday using “manual putting mode” and man, what a difference! walk up to your ball on the green. hit the “+” button on the watch, then hit your putt. that just counted your first putt from your approach location. walk up to where your ball came to rest, 3 feet short of the hole. hit the “+” button again, and hit your next putt. that just counted your second putt. walk up to where you blew the 3 footer 2 feet past the cup. hit the “+” button…again. i think you all get the point. manual is super easy to operate.
  23. it’s been furniture refinishing week over here. repainted this cabinet for the kids side of the basement. i don’t have any before pictures but it was white just need some knobs and it’s all done. this little cabinet was my great grandfather’s and ended up stuffed in a closet in my office. before after and this table was my grandma’s. the top was pretty beat up, so i covered it in some peel and stick wallpaper and gave the base a fresh paint job. before after
  24. no pictures, pay by a cashier’s check, AND shipping is on me? deal of a lifetime. where do i sign up?!
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