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  1. The Bo Derek of Irons sold them for me!!! lol @joen Currently playing some 50th Anniversary APEX blades from 2003. Need a little help now in the longer irons, as i'm not playing as much as i did, so will be ordering either the PTx PROs or the Combo set later this month.
  2. I bought the same putter a few months back as a lot of the clubs, here in Dubai, where performing their annual maintenance so a lot of greens were treated and therefore significantly slower. I have been using a Bettinardi SS28, which is great on fast greens, but wasn't working for me on slower greens. As soon as I picked up the Ardmore 3 i liked the feel. The Pistol grip is perfect, just the right size and a firm, tacky feel. What i notice is how quickly the ball roles, no skip at all. The insert means I putt the ball significantly further than the SS28 with the same backswing. I'm making 10-15 footers far more regularly and, while i bought it as a fix for the maintenance season, i think its in the bag to stay!!
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