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  1. I think it will work better because from what I could read it has similar characteristics to the matrix xcon5 shaft used in the RBZ driver that a friend has. Have hit my friends driver this summer and like the feel of the shaft much better and was able to play a nice fade. Would love to be able to give you those numbers but unfortunately I live 5-6 hrs drive from anywhere that i might be able to attain those numbers. But wasnt really looking for shaft opinions, was more wondering if people usually see more benefit from upgrading to a more suited shaft or 3-4 year newer driver head. Thank you for the feedback
  2. Hi, currently debating keeping my taylormade r11s driver and buying a diamana d+ 70 stiff flex for it or using that money to buy a newer used driver. Just not sure what I would see most benefit from. The r11s currently has the stock aldila rip phenom shaft in it and I hate it. Getting too much spin and losing everything right. The diamana shaft would cost me €80. So I could put that money toward buying a used M2, 915d etc. Swing speed a year ago was measured at 98, swings on the smoother side not too aggressive. Opinions and help would be greatly appreciated!
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