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  1. It is well passed March 12th and these are nowhere to be found. What's the deal?
  2. First name - Tom Luley City & State - New Hartford, NY Do you currently walk the majority of your rounds - Yes, I walk about 90% of my rounds Do you use a push cart now, if yes which one - Yes, I use a Clicgear 3.5
  3. Tom Luley, New Hartford, NY I don't really. Our local golf some charges per 30 mins and now that includes putting time. Used to be able to putt all you want. Living in Upstate NY, it's tough not being able to putt other than a carpet at home Only putting mats/artificial greens I've putted on are are the local golf dome. Medium speed
  4. Tom L, New Hartford, NY USA Odyssey 7 Tank Microhinge Tyne 3 because it has a similar look to the 7 just interested in a different feel than the microhinge
  5. Thanks for the welcome! Been lurking for awhile, figured I'd finally jump in. I'd have to look at previous years numbers and the next few quarters. I guess I'm the extreme minority, as well as my group because I'm not kidding when I say nobody that I know plays Chrome Softs. I mean even hawking for balls I rarely find them. This year I can honestly say I've found more Snell's than Chrome Softs. Maybe people who play Snells suck? (I'm currently playing them)
  6. I dont think Chromesofts are going to be selling well...or better than they already are. They had the issue with quality control before, but even before that I dont think I knew/know a single person who chooses to play Chrome Soft. Among the big names, they are going to get beat out by Titleist are their well know multi million dollar quality control process...and now with the direct to consumer balls really starting to take off and charging sometimes half the cost, I dont see a space for them unless you are a Callaway fan boy. Really curious to see the labs hit up the direct to consumer balls to see how they stack up against the big names in terms of quality.
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