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  1. What I loved about the current Pro V1 was the feel and how it was a lower spin ball for all of my irons. The Proto 388 is noticeably firmer than the Pro V1 and spinier off the irons. While I don't have a problem playing a firmer ball since I really enjoyed playing the Bridgestone Tour BX before switching to the Pro V1 the excess spin was the bigger let down since causes me to lose some distance off my irons and possibly some off the tee. Ironically for me the Proto 348 is now the lower spin option of the two.
  2. Being a current Pro V1 player I was disappointed in the changes made to create the Proto 388. However the Proto 348 has me intrigued to some degree and is gonna require some more testing whenever possible with the weather to allow it. Biggest change to the 2023 bag is gonna be a new golf ball for sure though.
  3. Played 18 again on Sunday and tested the 388 on the back 9 since it was windy. Overall I have very little to complain about on the wind performance for the 388. Wind was about the same as it was on Thursday but i didn't fear a huge crosswind like I did when playing the 348. Have any other testers had the same wind performance as me where the 348 is a lot harder to control in the wind while the 388 seems to be a bit more resistant to the wind, especially in a cross wind?
  4. Played 18 holes yesterday at Farmstead Golf and Country club and was able ton put both balls through 9 holes of testing. The conditions were in the mid 60's with a slight breeze up to 10mph. Nothing crazy but probably one of the last days I will get to play in these conditions for the year. I played the Proto 348 on the front 9 and the Proto 388 on the back. Proto 348 Front 9: Wind was probably at its strongest for this 9 but was not breezy by any means and it was faint but noticeable. Unfortunately for the Proto 348 this slight wind made my front 9 a really tough round. Any kind of cross wind this ball was at the mercy of the breeze and I felt hopeless to do anything about it. Gentle fades looked like huge slices and one of my drives started straight down the middle and a right to left wind slowly pushed it out of bounds left. There wasn't much of a difference in flight into or down wind from what I could tell despite a higher ball flight than what I am used to but it never ballooned up. Around the greens I saw about what I expected from the Pro V1x with no real changes in performance. Proto 388 Back 9: Unfortunately the wind had died down by the time I played this 9 so I was unable to do a complete assessment on wind performance. However everything that I was seeing from my previous round of testing was being confirmed all over again. Approach play was still appearing to be spinier than the previous generation but the flight window remained the same. Ample spin with full wedges and partial wedge shots as well. Off the tee the ball flight is super penetrating and provided a beautiful balance of carry and rollout. The Proto 388 feels soft of the long irons and wedges but firmer on the shorter irons for me.
  5. I'm hoping to see some of that today out on the course. It's probably going to be the last day in the 60's here in NJ for a while so I'm taking a half day and playing Farmstead Golf and Country Club up in Lafayette, NJ. I will mostly be testing the 348 next to the Pro V1x and hopefully see how it fairs in the wind. I'll also most likely be doing some trackman testing this weekend as well for the 348 and Pro V1x.
  6. Much appreciated on the compliment and there will be plenty more to come in the next few weeks. I'll do the same test for the 348 and Pro V1x hopefully sometime this week I'm planning on playing 18 on Sunday and possibly taking a half day on either Thursday or Friday to play 18 as well. Because of daylight savings time i can no longer play any rounds after work like I did for my first impressions
  7. Tested the 388 against the Pro V1 on Trackman this morning and there really isn't that much of a difference between the two balls as expected. The only criteria that I had for shot selection was if the dispersion circles were similar after hit about 10+ shots with each. No swings are gonna be exactly the same shot to shot but if the dispersion and delivery is pretty close with misses included than I think it's a fair representation of the performance of the ball. The only difference that I could see was the 388 was longer than the Pro V1. This is mostly due to on average a lower spin rate. Trackman italicizes numbers if they are not 100% accurate and this is a lot of times applies to spin rates. While its not 100% accurate it is still within about +/- 300pm's of backspin (if its more than that please feel free to correct me) which will make up some of this difference in gap. So according to the data lets assume the italicized numbers were consistently 300rpm's less than that spin rate is pretty damn close to the RCT ball which given the standard deviations they overlap nicely. The PW and 7i there is virtually no difference other than my swing influencing these numbers. The peak heights for the PW might be a huge difference at first but again the spin rate was higher and more accurate on the RCT as well as i hit a few low ones with the 388 to knock that average down.
  8. For my first impressions I decided to go in completely blind and take them right to the course for an evening of 9 holes chasing the sunset. I got out of work at 4:00 and headed up the road right to Farmstead Golf and Country Club. During lunch I paid my greens fees and was able to walk right up to the first tee of Vallyview. This was the hardest set of 9 holes so i knew it would be empty at this time. I played the first two holes with the Pro V1 to get my bearings straight and the next 7 were with the Proto 388. The first hole I dropped the Proto 388 down for was a 145yd Par 3 with the pin in the back. I hit an aggressive swing and hit a PW right at the flag and the Proto 388 held it’s line and it instantly felt firmer than what I expected. It wasn’t firm like a Pro V1x but it wasn’t the marshmallowy softness I expected from the Pro V1 I was just playing. While taking in the feel of the first shot my ball finished about a foot behind its pitchmark and about 2 ft left of the pin. Next hole was a Par 5 and absolutely middled the drive and the flight was a tight high draw. It didn’t balloon but it did seem to just keep climbing up to a high apex. The next few holes were iron shots and wedges as the Valleyview 9 is short but you need to play position golf and can’t bomb and gauge your way through. Off the irons I felt that the Proto 388 felt consistently firmer than the 2021 Pro V1. On the 5th hole I stopped at 100 yds out and dropped 2 each of the 2021 Pro V1x, Proto 348, and Proto 388. I didn;t have 2 of the 2021 Pro V1’s on me at the moment so I couldn’t compare them. The Proto 388 had plenty of spin on this shot and while assisted by a bit of a hill. The Pro V1x did what I expected it to do a spin back a decent amount but nothing crazy. I shanked one Proto 348 into the woods on this test so yes they are still shankable and do not feel great when that happens. I was able to land one on the fringe on the back of the green and end up on the green. I’m not too sure if it spun backwards or bounced backwards onto the green. I repeated this again on the last hole but only compared the Proto 348 to the Pro V1x. I stuck all but one Proto 348 on the green. I hit one Pro V1x and it came out a bit low but extra spinny and stopped immediately. The other Pro V1x and Proto 348 each had about 5-7ft of backspin. Overall i finished 4 over through 7 with the Proto 388 and for me it felt a touch firmer almost between the Pro V1 and Pro V1x and it was a bit spinner on full shots but not on wedges and around the green. So far I prefer the 2021 Pro V1 but more testing needs to be done with both prototypes.
  9. I played 9 holes yesterday at twilight immediately after work to do some first reaction testing and had a trackman session early this morning with the 388 proto only. I will be making an individual in depth post for each session later. My initial first thoughts on both balls is that the 388 feels firmer than the current Pro V1 while the 348 feels the same as the Pro V1x. The 388 also seems to be a touch spinier than the Pro V1 both on the course and on trackman.
  10. Received the balls on Sunday evening after getting back from a trip to Salem MA. I haven't had much time to test them yet but I plan on doing some putting testing later today if not tomorrow. I am also planning on playing a quick 9 holes after work on Thursday before doing any deep dive testing. I'm just planning on going in blind at first to get some true initial reactions.
  11. I think we can figure something out. I won't be able to play there till the first weekend of November but I will reach out with a message.
  12. I plan on doing a good amount of short game testing at Neshanic Valley since they have the massive short game area as well as 2 practice holes. I would be down for meeting up and doing some side by side testing one day.
  13. So grateful to be chosen as a tester once again. going to get to put these through some colder weather testing as well as plenty of trackman. The biggest thing I am hoping to see is some more greenside spin if possible.
  14. Introduction 10/30/22: First thing’s first it is a privilege to be selected as a tester once again for MGS and a huge thank you to the moderators for the opportunity. This is my 2nd time testing golf balls for MGS where previously it was a blind golf ball test which had myself and fellow testers see if we could determine the difference between 2 different Titleist golf balls then answer some questions afterwards. Enough about my past experiences let's dive into a little bit about me and my current game. My name is Zach and I reside in NJ while playing 75% of my rounds at courses in Somerset County. It’s a great mix of courses that has brought me to my current 11 handicap with my biggest downfall being putting and strength being iron play. I play the Pro V1 currently after switching mid season from the Bridgestone Tour BX. I just enjoy the softer feel and slightly lower spin a bit more and it allows me to optimize my iron play. Since Iron play is my strength I like to play a ball that enhances that rather than the conventional method of green to tee. My current ball flight is high but penetrating. Shots hit a high apex but get there at a steady rate and don’t balloon on me. I have a huge privilege of having access to trackman through a part time job at an indoor simulator facility on top of my day job as a mechanical engineer. This is going to play a huge part of my review as the golf season in NJ starts to come to an end soon. Below is a small but very fair representation of my PW, 7i, and Dr averages and what I will be comparing the 2023 versions to. I’m really looking forward to getting the testing underway and am so excited to begin the process!
  15. The confidence in hearing a number pulling a club and just firing away is something that gets far to often overlooked. There is so little thinking when this shots happen and they just become automatic and very rarely is there a poor result when there is such a commitment to the shot needed. I was okaying in a tournament and had 145 approach shot from the rough at a pin over water which was 125 to carry. I new even a mishit was gonna fade and be like 135 so I pulled my 9 iron and aimed left of the flag. There was no way I was getting in the water with a clean strike so it just freed me up enough to put it 5ft left of the pin and cleaned it up for birdie. Another thing that I have noticed with myself was while I wasn't particularly scoring great one day while playing with my brother and I kept missing the shot I was trying to hit. I wouldn't say I was playing aggressive but I wasn't playing conservative either. My misses weren't putting me in trouble but my great shots weren't stuffing pins either and he just looks to me and says how even my missed shots seemed under control and still had such a solid flight. My score was still possibly about 9 over through 12 because I fail my short game from lack of practice but there was nothing wild or out of control with each shot.
  16. What are some signs that your golf game has been improving that are not reflected on your score. There are tons of ways to measure improvement outside of just simply keeping stats and score. Maybe you don't fear bunkers as much when hitting your approach shot, those 4 foot knee knockers now seem automatic and less of a thought than before, or maybe you are just more relaxed over every shot than you were a few months ago. For me I noticed that my ball flight with my irons were just curving a lot less and I no longer hated or feared a Par 3. So much of golf improvement is focused solely on score but score is the last thing that benefits from an improved game and in my opinion should be the last thing you are concerned with when improving.
  17. ZMendle10


    I have a set of Modus 120's S flex if interested 4-AW. I can also throw in one of my spare sets of BB&FCo ferules if as well.
  18. 17.5 to 12.5 United States! Good luck to all those who are entered!!
  19. Little update on the counterweight protocols. I am in week 12 of training which puts me in level 3 of the training protocols. My speed has gone from starting at 108.9 in week 1 to starting week 12 at 112.9mph I am starting to level out now and don't see to much more speed gained as I finish up level 3 protocols. However, I am getting much more comfortable at this speed again and contact has improved with the speed. I am comfortably seeing ball speeds above 165mph and club head speeds over 115mph several times a session. I even broke a personal best with 116.4mph club head speed and 170.8mph ball speed. The end game is be averaging 115mph club and 170mph ball speed by the end of the year but we shall see. I will say being able to increase speed with only one club has been great and a lot less time consuming which I appreciate as well.
  20. I unfortunately haven't been able to as I previously didn't have the space. However I did just move into a new house two days ago with a workshop in the basement. I plan on turning this into club building setup and I will be putting some wedge stamping equipment in there as well. I'll be sure to post some updates as well as pictures once the dust from the move settles and I start getting some equipment,.
  21. Been doing the counterweight protocols for the past 5 weeks and have been seeing some speed back on Trackman. Since these protocols are only one day a week I was doing them alongside the level 3 maintenance protocols 1 day a week as well. I think more of the speed gain is for me just needing to be doing speed training at least twice a week. Overall I really like the protocols for the counterweight day much better than the standard 3 stick protocols. The simplicity of one stick is nice and Narrow stance swings have been one of my favorites as it has helped me with weight transfer without moving off the ball. Next week I start level 2 so I will post an update then.
  22. Worked through the level 3 program and got to the rest period and saw my speed drop to where I had to fight to see over 110mph on Trackman. This could be because Level 5 protocols were so intense that after each training session speed was up but going from that to 1 day a week I saw way to much regression. I purchased the Counter-Weight stick to see if this would help counteract that regression and will update my progress accordingly.
  23. Shaft is sold. Please close topic.
  24. Looking to sell a brand new Ventus Black 6X driver shaft. Shaft is uncut at 46in and in wrapper. looking to sell for $300 with shipping to lower 48 states.
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