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  1. The MGS COG reports DO show where the COG is in relation to the face.
  2. Announcers slobbering over Bryson's driving but he was actually only 7th in driving distance for the week. He won because he was top 3 in strokes gained off the tee, approaches, and around the green (18th in putting). Meaning he won because of a solid all-around game, not because of his driving. (But he's still a huge Trumper, so screw that guy).
  3. 2020 still not out yet, is MGS going to discontinue these reports ? I feel these are extremely valuable reports, it's info that is not available anywhere else. Without it we just have to believe every manufacturer's marketing BS. With these reports we can see WHY some drivers outperform or underperform, and it helps golfers make an informed decision. I don't think I would have tried the 2016 Cobra King LTD Pro without seeing the MGS report showing it had the most MOI while keeping the COG right on the neutral axis. I think these reports set MGS apart from every other site,
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