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  1. I did notice that JT had a “Citi” logo on his sleeve Sunday. (Didn’t notice anything Saturday.) JT usually looks pretty sharp in his RL attire, but the outfits looked a little cheesy this weekend.
  2. I've been doing my own unscientific comparison of deep value gloves this winter (in Florida). I've probably played through 12 Kirkland gloves over the past few years. My two complaints are (1) they the tend to stretch out fairly quickly once they get sweaty, and (2) the inner side of the thumb tends to wear our quickly. I recently tried two different model MG gloves. The standard version has played pretty well, but it has stretched a bit. The "premium" version was quite comfortable, but I wore through the inner side of the thumb in about 4 rounds. I'm currently playing the TGW glove a
  3. Chris, Plymouth, MA, USA I’ve bee playing a Ketsch for about 5 years now - ever since a was named “most wanted” mallet. ZB3 - I have a pronounced arc to my stroke and would be interested in trying something new. The Ketsch is really designed for a slight arc stroke. Thanks.
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