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  1. First Name/City - Kit / Lafayette, CA What IOS Device Will You be Using: IPhone 10 Will You Be Testing Primarily Outdoors or Indoors: Mostly outdoors Will You be Using a Net Yes or No : Mostly at the range but some into a net
  2. Kit | Lafayette, CA I don't currently use a hitting net but am considering purchasing one. New outdoor space that will be perfect for one. I don't currently have a LM.
  3. First Name/City State - Kit / Lafayette, CA Shoe Size - 13 M Current Shoe Worn - Callaway What's The Most Important Thing in Your Shoe Selection - Comfort/Stability
  4. Kit Lafayette, CA RH 18* - Recoil ES 85 F4 Stiff or 18* - KBS Tour 90 Regular 20.2 Handicap Currently play a Calloway Hybrid
  5. First Name: Kit City, State: Lafayette, CA Current Driver in Play: RBZ Handicap: 20 Swing Speed: 110 Which Driver Would You Like to Review: TSi3
  6. Kit - Lafayette, CA Living room carpet Had one in my old office that we'd use after calls. Helped a lot with getting me to hit the ball on line. BirdieBall PuttUp
  7. Kit / Lafayette, CA/USA Taylormade Spider Floki or Piper Armlock!
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