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    Ex club pro.  Still hit it long @ 55.  Club tinkering is my specialty.   Have a rich buddy that buys everything no cost is too much. I hit his stuff.   Would love to compare new Titleist to $700 Sim.  The expensive SIM IS stupid long.  Hope to brag on Titleist soon

  2. I'm old...(55) eye 2 beryllium 6.0 rifle..collect custom ping bags.  Always ping guy. Been in sales all my life .  Would like to work for ping..remember the Venters.  I have 40 or so putters ,collect old bullseye. 

    Like beating guys w $500 putters.  $10 mint bullseye is a find for me.

    I would love to be a tester..

    Can I keep the putters..

    Old guys that putt like 15 year olds are hard to beat





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