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  1. Aaron from Fargo, ND. 8.6hdcp Currently play Cleveland RTX3 58* in black finish. I really like the dark, matte finish of my current wedge and the raw finish is another step in the direction of anti-shiny. I’m also really curious if there is more spin with a raw finish, especially around the greens as that’s where I struggle with spin.
  2. Decided to join the forum after reading MGS for a while now and really loving the content and the NPG podcasts. Keep up the great content. I've been playing golf for around 17 years now, more dedicated to actually playing and improving the last 10 years. I've got my handicap down to around 8.6 but it bounces between 7.5 and 9.5. Golf is a wonderful game of endless challenges. I love that I can be as competitive as I want with myself and still be out to have fun with friends and family who may not want to compete. It's also a great way to spend time outside and enjoy some really beautiful landscapes. MGS puts out the best golf content with unbiased reviews and extremely insightful information. I am a golf nerd and really enjoy learning more and more about the game, equipment, industry etc. I don't know any other spies, but looking forward to getting more acquainted through the forums. I'm from Fargo, ND. My home course is Balmoral near our lake place in MN. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? By far the worst thing about golfing up here is that you can only do it for a few months a year. That also leads to one of the great things about it in that you really appreciate the time you get to spend on the course. One other plus about golfing up north is that you don't have to worry about things that can kill you near the ponds & woods should your ball stray from the fairway (looking at you gators in Florida). I work in HR for a manufacturing company. My username comes from my Italian heritage.
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