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  1. I have a 6 degree gap between all my wedges. I have no issues at all, I do hit a lot of partial shots though and rarely hit anything shorter than a 9 iron with a full swing. I like to play a 62 degree wedge mostly just for around the greens but the going from 62 to a 54 is a bit much.
  2. I change mine every 3 years or so depending how much I play. I don't think there is much advancement year to year. They're basically blades so there isn't much that can change apart from grind options and weight dispersion. Face texture would be another part I suppose. My 2 cents
  3. Jamie, Ottawa, Ontario Canada Ping Karsten anser 2, the anser 2 model love this style of blade putter with a milled face because I prefer the feel off the metal face vs the softer inserts.
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