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  1. Now THAT is the brother-in-law from heaven...well done. And if that gent happens to need another cousin I'm available, and would only expect (but appreciate) let's say a 40% discount. Keep it in mind.
  2. Dye, unlike paint, is going to, at worst, add millimicrons to the exterior surfaces of the golf ball. I used a digital micrometer before and after and there was no change in diameter, at least to the precision level of the tool. Very good question, Phil.
  3. The logo, number, alignment aid, etc., IF they absorbed any dye, maintained their color. The right half of the "O" in Oncore is red on these balls and I was wondering if the yellow was going to make that part of the logo orange. It didn't. I'm guessing the ink they use to imprint the balls is pretty impervious to pretty much anything. Guess I got lucky.
  4. As a fellow fan of the yellow ball I can say that we all take an oath to keep that sort of information largely confidential. As a member of that fellowship I was allowed to make this post simply as a recruiting tool...
  5. I'll be more than happy to update as they're played. We shall see what we shall see. My guess is that bunker shots may wound their pride a bit but normal shots shouldn't have much, if any detrimental effect. Time will tell if this experiment ends up in the "yay!" column or the "what the hell was I thinking?!?" column.
  6. The Jumbo grip line has a variant that's got very, very little taper to it, the exact name escapes me right now. I've used a couple of them as round putter grips and they work, for me at least, very, very well. All the benefits you all have described, reasonable cost, fairly easy to acquire. Just a fwiw. I can't imagine going back to any other putter grip profile.
  7. I'm 71, 5'9" tall and about 145 pounds if I have my keys and some loose change in my pockets. Sorry to say that I'm in the 165-170 range off the tee. I live in Wisconsin and have learned to love mid-July to late August golf as the fairways get firmer and I get more roll on my drives. 180 yards here I come!!!
  8. I like to use yellow golf balls. Don't ask me why, I don't think I could tell you. But I do. Which for the past couple of years has been a source of frustration due, I'd guess, to the ongoing "supply chain issues". Take a look at most Golf Galaxy locations for the Maxfli Tour. Load of white balls, few if any yellow ones. Want to buy the bargain 4 dozen? As long as you want them in white you're good. Yellow? Not so much. Oncore has updated the Elixir. In white. They won't even answer emails asking if/when a yellow version might come available. Snell? Routinely sold out of the yellow colored balls. I decided to make my own. Easy as pie. Four cups of water in a plastic pitcher in the microwave for 6 minutes. Not quite at a boil but hot enough. Add in a 7 ounce bottle of Rit's "Dye More" Daffodil product. Add, gently so as not to get splashes of dye (I did this outside "just in case") a dozen golf balls. Let 'em sit for as long as you like, the longer they sit the deeper the color. Remove from the solution with a slotted spoon, place in some warm and soapy water for a minute, rinse, dry, and voila. Total cost was $5 for the bottle of dye, $4 at the dollar store for the slotted spoon, a baking tin to use for the wash/rinse, and the 8 inch high "pitcher" to hold the water/dye/golf balls. The results:
  9. I'm 71 and beginning the exact same "experiment" you just described. Odd thing for me is I hit a 3 wood off the deck pretty well; off even a low tee not so much.
  10. Disgruntled squirrels are always my first suspect...
  11. I shot an 80 today, second best score in more than 55 years. Felt a bit like a Caddyshack moment. Driver worked as well as it has in forever (thank you for firmer fairways), fairway woods were on point, short game was good and the putter was puttin' along. Hit seven greens in regulation which is normally a month's supply. Only missed one bunker shot being on and within shouting distance of the hole. Only one double bogey for the round, no birdies, seven pars. There are days that after a round I might brood a bit. Today was a day to bask. Sorry, had to share with folks who might understand.
  12. If it were me I'd be taking the affected heads off the shafts and looking for a local plating company to rechrome them. I'd be asking the local "speed shop" or motorcycle customizing shop where they send their stuff and go from there.
  13. Bobbers

    Maxfli Tour

    Packer fans are everywhere. And we come prepared for any emergency...including on the golf course. While you Bears fans are sleeping we're awake...and studying...and preparing.
  14. I'm with you on the Traxion, very nice, very soft grip. And affordable.
  15. Bobbers

    Maxfli Tour

    Of course it doesn't...heh heh
  16. Bobbers

    Maxfli Tour

    My issue as well. And the new Oncore Elixr isn't available in yellow, etc., etc., etc.
  17. I'm about to hit 72 so I understand decreasing swing speed all too well. I, personally, have gone to graphite shafts throughout my bag with no regrets. The added benefit being a much greater range of choices relative to performance characteristics. Easier on my joints/muscles, the lighter weight helps with swing speed. etc. But that's just me.
  18. That statement causes me to wonder why they said that. As you mentioned earlier, the Dynamic Gold shafts were certainly available back then as they are now. What's the hosel diameter of you vintage clubheads? Are they .370 parallel or .355 tapered? Club standard lengths were typically a bit shorter 40 years ago so to get a "comparable" club to what you play now (what DO you play now for irons?) you'd be building a shorter club. If you wanted a length equal to the modern standard you could consider a somewhat heavier grip or use a shaft counterweight to get an equivalent swingweight.
  19. I'm not sure I completely understand your goal. Are you trying to end up with a current 5i and your retro 5i that are the same exact length and swingweight or ???
  20. I've been at it for 40+ years, the tinkering. Endlessly is a good way to put it, Jerry. If you get serious about it I'd recommend trying some of the trickier things on clubs from the local Goodwill store before you go to work on your set...lol...ask me how I know...
  21. Oddly enough mine arrives tomorrow via usps. Snagged it off ebay just to see if it's better than the PXG 0211 I'm using right now.
  22. Oops, my bad. Your machine is one where the butt end goes under the square bracket and the shaft rests on the bracket with the cutout "U" on the other end. Then slide the weight underneath until the scale is "in balance" which should be indicated at the end of the scale and read the swing weight on the bottom scale.
  23. From what I can see from the photo it looks complete. I'm assuming there's some sort of sliding weight under the beam that you move back and forth to get things to "balance out"? You put the gripped club, butt first, into the square opening at the end and slide the movable weight to read the swingweight. The channel that runs across the top of the square beam is where you'd put a shaft, a club, whatever to measure its static weight. But that won't be necessary since you seem to have a gram scale in among the equipment you salvaged..
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