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  1. Jose, broadcasting from Hyattsville, MD. I just resumed playing after a 14 year hiatus (I am 34). I used to just practice at the course. Now I bought a putting matt and puttout to practice at home. Bought a Puttout mat and a Champkey mat. Tried them both. Found no difference and stuck to the 10 feet Champkey one. It's practice, but it does not take much to realize that it is definitely not the same feel as a green, even if perfectly flat on a hard surface. I am intrigued by birdieball's claim! I am a muni kinda guy, so medium speed will work just fine for me. Thanks!
  2. Tom / Hyattsville, MD, USA / Expat from Chile I currently use a Callaway mallet dating over 20+ years (back in my teens day in golf). So old I don't even remember the model (looks like the Piper Armlock) I really want to try the Tyne 3!!!!! Thanks!
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