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  1. Mitch Natick, Ma I played 70 rounds last year and walked them all. I use a Clicgear 3.5+ pushcart for all my rounds
  2. Mitch/ Natick, Ma. Sqairz 9 Medium Comfort, traction, must be waterproof as I am a dew sweeper
  3. Mitch Natick, Massachusetts Titleist TS1 12.6 90 mph TSi2. Lefty
  4. I recently bought some wild pattern golf shirts from Bad Birdie. Saw them on Shark Tank and love them. They are incredibly comfortable.
  5. Best is really subjective. Some of the most comfortable shirts I have ever worn have very wild prints. I love to have fun. I get lots of comments from I con't believe you would wear that to that looks great, to is that how you reused your mom's draperies. Check them out, Bad Birdie. I saw them on Shark Tank and had to have them. Incredibly comfortable. I own 4.
  6. Well, I just took the plunge. I know they are $200, but they are built like a brick s&^thouse. It is very important to get the right size. They run large. My athletic shoes are either 9 1/2 or 10. My dress shoes are 9 to 9 1/2. I tried a 9 1/2 and they were too big. I returned them for a 9 and took them out on the course for the first time on Friday. I am a dew sweeper and a walker. They were incredibly comfortable and supportive. The grip was amazing. I didn't use the square toe as an alignment aid so I can't comment. I tied for my best round of the year, an 84, and that is with a triple on 17. I am a believer. And oh may the way my feet were bone dry. I know they are expensive at $200 and I am lucky to be able to afford them. If you are a social media user, you can be an ambassador and get back $10 on your shoes and $20 for every pair sold that uses your ambassador code. I think they are worth the money, but that is me. If you are considering it I say go for it but be careful of the size.
  7. I usually use several pairs of shoes as I am a dew sweeper and play 4 to 5 mornings a week during the week. Lately I have been changing between my Sketcher Mojo Elite and a pair fo spineless Eccos. I noticed that my scores averaged 1.5 strokes better with the Sketchers as I know the Eccos are super comfortable but provide what I would say is poor traction. I just bought a pair of Sqairz spiked shoes. OMG, the grip. I used them the first time and tied my best score of the year , an 84, and that is with a triple bogey on 17. I think shoes absolutely make a difference. The better the grip the more comfortable you will be swinging faster while maintaining balance and posture. Also the better contact you will make based on feet not moving. Shoes are part of the whole system. While it is arguable whether you will hit it longer (not sure) I think one can be more consistent.
  8. Forgot to mention the style I have is the Mojo Elite with the sole exactly the same as the picture in Mikeanthony's post
  9. I am definitely not a person who usually sticks with one brand of shoes. I started this year with a pair of Ecco, True Linkswear and Sketchers. The True was very comfortable and had decent tread but did not hold up. The Eccos were extremely comfortable but in my mind did not give me the traction I needed as dew sweeper in Massachusetts. The Sketchers have been the best of the bunch as far as traction and are almost as comfortable as the Eccos. My golf game has picked up this year so I wanted more traction so I went with a spiked shoe to complement the Sketchers. I have nothing bad to say about the sketchers. They are comfortable and grip as well as any spineless shoe I have ever used.
  10. I have owned the NX7 non slope for over a year. I love it. Everything good that is said I agree. I tried my friends Leupold and could not get a reading. I am 68 years old with not the steadiest of hands. I was going to buy the Nikon with stabilization until I read a review of the NX7 and how easy it was to get the target. I tried it and have not looked back. It is fabulous. I play about 75 rounds a year and just got my free replacement batteries, no hassle. Great rangefinder and great company.
  11. Mitch/ Natick/ Massachusetts/ US Scotty Cameron California DelMar Anser 2 based on a fitting where I need a blade type with a full shaft offset. I am also a lefty.
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