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  1. I'm not sure on what all they had shafts for, but we switched out a couple shafts for both Callaway and Taylormade when I was hitting. Don't recall if we did for Titleist or Mizuno.
  2. I'll also say if you buy the irons you get fitted in from them, they may waive the fitting fee altogether. That was the case for me, but I did a full new bag as I hadn't changed clubs in a long time.
  3. I got fitted at GolfTec - one of my friends who played in college has a teammate who is the lead guy at our local one - and have recommended it as an option to those looking to get fitted. I'm a very data-driven guy in every aspect of life, so really dialing in my numbers to try and get near what the pros do in terms of spin, angles, etc. really worked for me and made sense when we changed clubs and shafts to align to my swing. If you are more pure feel, that part may seem unnecessary. The one part I wasn't a fan of and took a bit to get used to was the general setup in their rooms. Instead of a normal simulator where you hit into an impact screen and see the results directly in front of you (ya know... like playing golf), you are instead hitting into a net and the simulator shows your shot shape, etc. on a screen on the side of the room. Because of that, I kept finding myself coming out of shots early in an attempt to see the screen right after impact. By the end of the fitting, was no longer an issue, but took some swings to get there.
  4. I remember seeing an ad pop up for these putters, and immediately thought of the Yes! putters that had the very similar technology - face cut in a way to minimize the impact of off-center hits. It's the same thing that milled face putters strive to do in providing a consistent impact across the clubface. From a gearing aspect, I doubt there is actually anything to it given how small of an impact zone is being hit, but could see it generally reducing sidespin with the ridge angle if you cut across the ball in your putting motion, rather than just simply off-center strikes.
  5. Would love to see a Ball Lab test on them, or even put against others in a Most Wanted where the raw data can be compared to others in terms of average carry, spin rates, etc.
  6. Little bit anecdotal evidence here, but played a full round on Sunday in 35-37F temperatures with Snell MTB-X, so a firm to x-firm ball in normal conditions. Off the tee, I felt like I lost a few yards (<10), but would definitely attribute it to playing in bulkier gear. I wasn't able to generate the normal speed in my driver with the layers as rotating through was more difficult. Irons/wedges, no yardage difference whatsoever - if I struck it well with the swing length in mind, it was going the number I expected. What I did notice is less spin on approach shots, which I'm actually going to guess was more from weather impacts on the greens from the overnight snow and cold temps, rather than on the ball.
  7. Just have fun and swing, enjoy the start of a new season! It snowed here Saturday night and all day yesterday, and I got what is likely my final round of the year in on Sunday morning in just above freezing temps, so already missing it.
  8. I'm all about the different swing lengths to hit in between distances. If I was to move my hands down, then I need to change my setup to stand closer, which then changes my downswing angle, etc. -- a lot of added variables in a repeatable swing. I go with the 7:30/9/10:30 swing distances for each club, so then I know what length of swing shows what distance, and play from there.
  9. I've actually been doing that flipper exercise without the towel for some time and using resistance loops instead of the band, and it definitely helped with overall range of motion. Recommend that for sure. Will have to try the soccer ball exercise, especially the circular motion part. Feel like working on that with a focus on the movement of the trail side shoulder will be of benefit.
  10. Big fan of the Mav Pros. They have a very thin topline for a player’s distance iron, and had the tightest dispersion for me when getting fitted. Definitely looks and works like a blade, but still a bit of distance gained with the tech behind the clubface.
  11. Didn’t even know Goodwill had an auction site, will check that out!
  12. 100% this. I learned a very Ben Hogan style grip, and that is neutral at all times with swing path manipulation for ball movement, so I don’t think about adjusting the way I grip the club. It’s purely my connection to transfer swing power to the clubface.
  13. I think it makes total sense. If you are DJ flexibility, you get a huge hip turn and arms are back over the shoulder, so need to fire the legs to start the downswing and be on tempo. But you aren’t DJ, so your hips aren’t turned as much, but hands should still be in a similar position. If you start your hips/legs first, they are already “ahead” compared to DJ, so the hands have to really speed to catch up. If you drop hands first, they can get in a similar relative position to DJs hips/hands, and lead to more consistent striking.
  14. Nope, I stick with a neutral grip on all my clubs unless playing a specific shot type (like opening the clubface fully for a flop wedge). In my opinion, changing the grip to correct ball flight is masking an issue with swing path, and would be more of a band-aid fix. Working on ensuring the clubface is square at impact would be my step one if seeing shots veer off what you expect, then once you have that in line, working on swing path to shape the ball accordingly.
  15. Starting with dropping the hands makes sense to me with the loss of flexibility/rotation that tends to occur as we age. On the same token, your hips likely don’t rotate as far back as they once did, so starting with the hands and moving the lower body accordingly lines up there too. All in all, I’d believe this to be a solid swing thought to keep that consistency going.
  16. Yep, will be checking out the limited thrift/“play it again”/antique type stores around me for stuff as well, but putting out the call here as well!
  17. Am getting into club restoration as a hobby, so looking to buy vintage blades and putters to work on and mount in my golf themed man cave! If you have something you are looking to offload, let me know.
  18. Anyone know anything about these? Was gifted them as clubs to practice restoration on, and can’t find anything about them online. Appear to be a knockoff of the Ping ISIs, but only know that from my own knowledge. If anyone knows anything about the clubs and/or manufacturer, would love to know!
  19. Greg / WDM, IA Handicap 12 SM8, Tour Chrome finish Want to see how much of a visibility difference the raw finish makes in actual course conditions, not just in a simulator indoors.
  20. Dig the setup! Have never played Hogan myself, but hope I can find an old set someplace and refinish them, if only as something to tinker and play a round or two with.
  21. Thankfully Tony and the team do actual data driven testing, not single person anecdotal results. I've played the same Snell for multiple rounds without any cuts from full wedge shots on brand new Vokeys, and Iowa "sand" is less sand and more gravel.
  22. The Tour BX is the other ball I've yet to try, have a sleeve sitting on my desk in front of me for my next round out!
  23. My swing is *just* fast enough that the softer balls are consistently a few yards shorter on the monitor, and I get more controllable spin for my wedge game with the Snell than I did ProV1s. As always, it's a matter of finding something that fits the way you play, and then rolling with it moving forward.
  24. Hopefully TM gives you a new SIM, that would be a heck of a trade up! Switching to a stiff flex should help cure some of the slice woes if you swing hard enough. I'll echo what others have said - getting a fitting on your current set would be my recommendation to continue to drive improvement. The pro may see things in your swing speed/spin #s/angle of attack that warrant different shafts to help keep everything under control and minimize dispersion, perhaps even gain a little yardage. As for the 4 or 5 wood, I'd ask you the question about any yardage gaps. Do you find yourself needing a yardage that you can't get between the 3W and the 2H? If not, then I wouldn't worry about it - I don't carry a 5W, but I've I'm comfortable with the small gap in my clubs there (3W is around 240 carry/260 roll on normal swing, 3H is 210 carry/225 roll), and instead carry four wedges since I like those options playing around the greens.
  25. More like a grand slam for Dean Snell and his group. To compete with ProV1 at that price point for a box is phenomenal, and definitely worth people taking a look.
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