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  1. Larson, Bozeman, Montana I don't practice putting (or Golf) at all during the winter. My carpet is too long to putt on. I just accept that it will take a day of practice at the putting green to get my touch back. My only real experience is with the ones at golf shops that are typically artificial turf over plywood. I did have the chance to use my dads mat once, but it was way faster than any greens I have ever putted on. I would like to test the Slow 9-10 stimpmeter, this is likely close to what I am used to putting on and would provide the greatest benefit to training/practi
  2. Larson Bozeman Montana USA Odyssey White Hot Pro 9 The ZB3 in 34.5" because I arc the club when I putt and according to the fit tool it is what closest matches my swing style.
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