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  1. We have very similar bags , I recently pulled my 4 iron for a 4hb (21*) dailed down to 23* with the shorter shaft it fits the gap perfect. Also switched to the Mizuno 225's great clubs
  2. Been playing 4 wood 16.5* 7 wood 21* for a couple of years now and absolutely love this set up
  3. I was at the doctors a few years ago among other things I asked about tennis elbow I had. She asked what sports I played, golf came up she asked if I was left or right handed I told her and she suggested lessons !!! True story!
  4. Golf Price MMC +4 Midsized grip. Except this year in an effort to lighten the weight iv'e gone to regular size with 3 extra wraps!
  5. Kevin/Costa Mesa, Ca./U.S.A. Toulon / Las Vegas The Fetch looks interesting to me. Also Tomcat 14 (really like the runway dots) Both good face balance to slight arc, solid MOI and fit into my Quintic fitting results.
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