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  1. Waran los Angeles Ca I walk 100% of my rounds . Only play 18 hole full Length courses and play golf atleast 3 times a week. i currently use the alphard v2 cart on my clicgear 4.0 and 8.0 carts with a remote which is actually awesome . i can give u a direct comparison between the alphard and the motocaddy for speed , maneuverability, battery , size and space ..
  2. Waran venkat los angrles ca ios iphone 12 testing outdoors in driving range
  3. Waran Los Angeles , CA Practice greens on the course I practice on my fake grass outdoors but it makes it lousy for putting Speed: Medium
  4. Waran Venkat/ LA,CA/USA i currently have the scotty cameron phantom 12.5 . i have a straight putting style and I would like to test the piper C for that reason. I generally use mallet putters and these putters look appealing to test . The adjustable weight and length factors are intriguing too. Hope I get to test one of these bad boys!
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