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  1. Do you tend to hit off of mats at the range often? If so, definitely go get your lofts checked. I have mine checked in the spring after playing some indoor golf (necessary up here for 6 months of winter) and the lofts generally need to be all tweaked by then. The shorter irons especially tend to get out of spec quickly for me.
  2. Currently holding a 7.5 index but had it down to 5.8 at my best. Lessons and a club fitting work wonders it seems. Go figure..lol. First round played today for the year and a rough 85 to show for it. To be fair the snow just left and a 6 month lay off is tough to recover from quickly.. ah well, i choose to live here i guess. Lol
  3. There really must be something to these putters to keep a topic going for over two years and when they are such a substantial investment. Trying to find one anywhere within 300 miles has proven to be impossible and i would really need to try one before dropping that sort of coin down on a club. From what i see on here (and other sites) is that they appear to be the real deal and generally work quite well for everyone. The search continues..
  4. Good day everyone. My name is Brian and I am from Grande Prairie, Alberta. I am 54 and currently holding a 7.5 index through finally getting smart and taking my first lesson and getting fit for my clubs. I am about as brand agnostic as it gets but i seem to consistently end up with TaylorMade drivers. Currently gaming new Stealth drivers, Ping G410 hybrids, Callaway '19 Apex Pro irons, Mizuno wedges and a Scotty Newport 3 putter. I don't get out as much as I like but usually manage close to 50 rounds a year with our short season and try to sneak away to Phoenix or Maui once a year for a little winter golf to help get me through my withdrawals. Currently looking at turning my side of the garage into an indoor hitting bay and picking up a GC Quad to help me keep grooving a swing in the off season. Well that is it. I have been lurking here for too long and decided to be a bit more active as I have come to use this site as a source of unbiased information that I respect. Cheers to all.
  5. GaDawg is right on the money here. Take it from a guy that has tried to "buy his game" in the past and always getting the latest greatest. Go find a reputable fitter and have him help you. It could be that all you need is a new shaft in your existing club or perhaps a different stick all together. Point is, they can help, and show you what you need to accomplish your goal. Don't get stuck on one brand or the other. It may be something completely different from what you expect. My bag has 5 different brands represented for example. All because that is what worked for me. Best of luck!
  6. Brian Grande Prairie, AB. Canada Currently use a Scotty Cameron Newport 3 Usually like a strong arc type of putter but i am Interested in the Heppler Tomcat 14. Want to try the alignment aid as it appears to be something that might be very beneficial. I am also curious on the armlock as i have never tried that style of putting and i have been wanting to give it a try. You never know what might work until you try it...
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