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  1. Zack, Oregon I’ve been putting on my carpet which actually rolls pretty well to a putting circle the only problem I have with the carpet is as you hit putts over time the grain changes drastically. I’ve never owned a legit putting mat so I’m very curious to see if there’s a massive difference between just using your carpet and a high quality putting mat. I’m interested in the medium stimp rating mat because I’m pretty sure my carpet is at about a 10 and I’m wondering if the speed is drastically different or if getting a clean cut carpet is the more fiscally responsible decision.
  2. Zack Bend, Or taylormade Rossa Monza Spider Anser 2 or the ZB3
  3. Zack - Bend, OR taylormade Rossa spider Interested into moving into a smaller putter head like the Anser 2 or the ZB3 blades.
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