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  1. Rob/Pittsburgh, PA What IOS Device Will You be Using: iPhone X Outdoors No net
  2. Rob Pittsburgh,PA Right handed! 18* - Recoil ES 85 F4 Stiff backup would be same club in X-stiff I do not play either, but I feel that some consistency either from the tee or after an errant tee shot would be huge for my game.
  3. Rob N. Pittsburgh, PA Rogue Subzero 11.7 Approx. 105 TSi3 please
  4. Hello! Rob Nemec from Pittsburgh,PA Handicap: 11.7 Current wedges: SM6 in 48, 52, and 58 A raw wedge is appealing to me because I find that the ball feels softer off the face, providing a bit more feel around the green.
  5. Rob N Pittsburgh, PA I have not used mats in the past but I think it would keep my putting sharp in the off season because my practice comes from real greens. I’d love to test the medium speed.
  6. Hello there! Rob from Pittsburgh, PA United States. I currently play the Odyssey Black Series Tour Designs #6. I am extremely interested in testing the Ketsch model. To start, I believe a mallet-type putter will offer more feel and distance control. Additionally, this model suits my straight/slight arc stroke path, as opposed to my current putter. Lastly, this model has three alignment lines, which will help me to reinforce the crucial concept of hitting the ball with the sweet spot of the putter face. I hope you choose me to test this putter, and I thank you for all of the great content you provide to help us make informed decisions for our game! Cheers!
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