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  1. Agree with others that kids should play with kids clubs. Shaft flexes, length, etc. all designed for the golfer of that age is best. Success is important with all sports. Adults can have trouble playing adult clubs, much less kids. My wife was using a boxed set of Target Adams clubs to start vs using an extra set of mine. Recently we purchased her the Ping GLe2 and we can both see the difference. Start the kid on properly sized clubs and when they can play well enough to get around an Executive Course, look at a better set. Craig's List and others have lots of kids sets.
  2. Great question. I went to Club Champions and the Driver shaft was different from my Fairway Woods. The heads were the same model, but the set-up was a little different to maximize shots off the deck. I do not use my 3 Fairway off the tee very often, but need the extra distance on longer par 5s.
  3. Chris Galler, Mendota Heights, MN USA Ping Scottsdale or Cleveland Square Ping Heppler "Fetch" with adjustable shaft. I play with two putters now - depending on how I am feeling. One has a longer - 2 inches - shaft for days when I am feeling a little staff. The adjustable shaft is something I've always wondered about. I play between 2-3 times per week with a 10.2 handicap.
  4. Chris Galler, Mendota Heights, MN USA Ping Scottsdale - blade & Cleveland Square mallet Ping "Fetch" mallet with the hole and adjustable shaft. I've had trouble finding the proper shaft length. At 60yrs., I don't mend as easily and have gone to a more upright stance. Some days I use a shorter shaft, others the longer. This putter looks like it would fulfill both duties.
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