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  1. Putting is the most frustrating part of the game for me. I have an 11 handicap but should be lower if I could only be consistent on the greens. As they speed up, my score goes up! I have never been fitted for putting, but practice countless hours. I would feel honored to be selected.
  2. Would love to try the ER11v with a Midlock grip. That might be the secret for those of us with a little bit of a wobbly swing.
  3. Chris Galler, Mendota Heights, MN USA Ping Scottsdale or Cleveland Square Ping Heppler "Fetch" with adjustable shaft. I play with two putters now - depending on how I am feeling. One has a longer - 2 inches - shaft for days when I am feeling a little staff. The adjustable shaft is something I've always wondered about. I play between 2-3 times per week with a 10.2 handicap.
  4. Chris Galler, Mendota Heights, MN USA Ping Scottsdale - blade & Cleveland Square mallet Ping "Fetch" mallet with the hole and adjustable shaft. I've had trouble finding the proper shaft length. At 60yrs., I don't mend as easily and have gone to a more upright stance. Some days I use a shorter shaft, others the longer. This putter looks like it would fulfill both duties.
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