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  1. 6’8” and I currently use a 36” putter which I’ve had since about 2007. Used to roll 38”. Getting fitted this winter…it’s time.
  2. Fitted July 4th…received December 30. Played them December 31st! Worth the wait, but now it snowed.
  3. G425 irons Fitted 7/4… original delivery was early September… now waiting on mid October to Mid November… good thing pings we’re always my dream irons
  4. Patrick/Manheim, Pennsylvania/USA Taylormade Rossa MonteCarlo 7 agsi + I was a terrible putter before this one and swore I’ll never get another But the Ping Heppler Piper C looks like a good fit. I would love to give it a try. As a tall guy, 6’8”, the adjustable height would be a great variable.
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