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  1. For several decades, I considered myself a better than average putter. Now retired and playing 3+ rounds a week, my putting and confidence has become terribly disappointing and inconsistent. Employing a properly fitted putter would be a positive step. I love to practice and would provide quality feedback. Give me a shot!
  2. Jim Ford, Birmingham, AL, USA Odyssey Stroke Lab 2-Ball Fang i would be thrilled to test the PING Happler Anser. 2. I have predominantly used mallet putters for the last twenty, or so, years. Prior to that time, however, I almost exclusively carried an original PING Anser that I purchased in 1973. Although my “old friend” still feels pretty good putting on carpet, it has proven to be too light for me on the course. Due to some recent sporadic putting, I have given serious consideration to going back to more of a blade-style putter. In fact, I spent some time earlier this week at Edwin Watts stroking some putts with a number of different putters. Ironically, the putter that stood out to me was this Happler model. I am retired and living out my dream, playing 3 - 4 days a week, year round, on assorted courses with different types of greens, both Bent and Bermuda. Additionally, I love to practice and often work in an additional day each week for that. If your looking for someone that has both the time and motivation to thoroughly test and review this putter, I’M YOUR MAN.
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