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  1. Braxton / Saratoga Springs, UT I have never used a practice net due to living in a condo, but I am sure the wife would love it in the spare bedroom:) this would be so nice to have. I have never used a LM either but would be so helpful because I hit my irons way too high.
  2. Braxton / Saratoga Springs, UT Size 10 Adidas CodeChaos Grip and fit.
  3. Braxton Barnes - Saratoga Springs, UT Right Handed 18* KBS Tour V-X-Stiff (18* KBS Tour V-Stiff backup) 5.1 handicap Currently play Mizuno MB 37 blades and hit a 3-iron but not very well
  4. Braxton Saratoga Springs, UT Titleist 913D2 Swing speed 123 handicap 6.6 TSi3
  5. Braxton Barnes. Would love to give them a try. Currently use Vokeys. Would love to give them a try. Handicap is 6.6.
  6. Braxton, Saratoga Springs, UT, USA Currently use an Odyssey mallet. I would want to try the Fetch. Like the style and would hope it feels similar to what I have. Hopefully I can test one out... best looking putters I’ve seen in a while.
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