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  1. My driver (TM SIM Max 9.0 - adj. 9.75, PX Riptide 6.0) is the club which gives me the most trouble, inconsistency. I would love to test this driver to see ho it compares. Thank you.
  2. This is exactly what I need to get a handle on my full, vs. 3/4, vs. 1/2 shot distances. Good luck to all. Thx.
  3. I am always interested in new, elastomer covered, multi-layer balls to compare with Pro V's. Thank you.
  4. These look like great putters, with many features. I would love to test them out vs. my SeeMore. Thank you.
  5. Jim Manchester, NH Taylormade SIM Max 3.9 100 mph TSi3
  6. Great choice!! I've been playing the Mizuno JPX 919 HM Pro for a full year and love them. Huge sweet spot and long. Like you, I picked up a club and 1/2 distance. You will be happy.
  7. Jim, Manchester, NH - USA Current putter = SeeMore Nashville One SS Black, 33.5", 2° loft, 70° lie angle (great putter) I would like to try the center-shafted Piper C for a few reasons: 1) Current putter is center shafted, 2) I feel like center shafted putters are easier to hit solid, more often, 3) I like a mallet head shape so I want to see if I am more consistent vs. the SeeMore Thank you.
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