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  1. Josh, St Augustine Fl mostly carpet. 3 rooms with different speed carpets. Occasionally on the practice greens at the course. There is no winter in Florida No significant experience with artificial putting greens. The one I used was recently purchased by a family member but was too lumpy and creased from unpacking to putt on. slow 9-10-public municipal
  2. Josh/St Augustine FL/US PXG GEN2 Spitfire The Tyne 3 would be most fascinating for me to test. It favors the stroke I was fitted for, and it sounds like the feel Is perfect. I struggle with the roll of the PXG and feel the extra loft may assist. I am also interested in the feel of the face compared to the milled face on the Spitfire. A head to head with a putter almost twice the cost would be interesting. The color contrast is killer too!
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