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  1. My wedges are 48PW, 52GW and 56SW. They're probably weaker on the first two than is current, but these are Nicklaus irons and the wedges came with the set.
  2. Would I play these wedges? No. Is there a place for them in the game? Absolutely Yes. I like to have more fun creating shots with my wedges, but if the objective is "See ball, hit ball, get ball on green and appearances be damned", then by all means. If short game shots make one nervous, these clubs would be a godsend and take much of the fear out of the short game. Maybe it's me, but I see the target market as folks who would buy an Alien Wedge or Hammer Driver from an infomercial. If this steers them to a manufacturer with a proven track record and product line, so much the better. Play on... PS: If you couldn't tell by my equipment, I'm kind of old school and when I see wedges like that, my first impression is, "Somebody put a frying pan on the bottom of that wedge." But if it gets the ball on the green without anxiety, who am I to say? If it increases *your* enjoyment of the game, let it rip and have a good time.
  3. Just for the heck of it, here's what I have in my bag. King Cobra Driver, 3 & 5 Woods, NIcklaus 3 Hybrid, Nike 4 Hybrid ("My little friend," after Scarface.), 6-SW Nicklaus irons and a Never Compromise putter. Yeah, I'm due to reinvest, but I'm not playing frequently enough to take the plunge and they still work for me. The bag is a Sun Mountain carry bag. I've loved Sun Mountain bags for many years and recommend them highly.
  4. Keith Hansen, Mukilteo, WA Zelos 7 Approximately 90-95mph True Temper R300. (I find them a bit whippier than I like. I used to play S300 in my previous set of 845's, if you think I should go for 8's.) To give you an idea, the irons are Nicklaus.
  5. Keith Hansen Mukilteo, WA 98275 Cobra (I don't remember the model) 20 Hdcp (Approximately. I don't have one.) Estimated Swing Speed 100-105 mph (Age 64) Whichever driver you send, if I should be so lucky, would be just fine with me.
  6. Keith/Mukilteo, WA/USA/Never Compromise Sub 30 I would be interested in an Anser 2, as it is close to what I use now and like that type of head when I'm looking down at the ball. Also of interest would be the Tyne 3, as it isn't a full mallet and seems to be close to the type being used with success on Tour. Thank you for your time and consideration, Keith Hansen
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