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  1. Just came across the thread.. good on you to have a solid goal. Skimmed through the various posts, didn't see anything about your scrambling or fairway stats, only putting and a couple of GIRs. You mentioned playing one up from the tips, generally 'blue'. Why not white? What club is your approach club, on average? Jack backed "Tee It Forward" a couple of years ago, terrific initiative. Too many golfers are hitting woods, hybrids or long irons into greens more often than not. Game is heck of a lot more fun with a wedge or 8 iron in to the green, and really, how it is meant to be played. Cheers
  2. I as well have been playing the same Callaway wedges for a few years. Every now and then I regroove them with my trusty groove tool. Beats the heck out of buying new wedges every year or two. That, and I'm not overly impressed with new wedge offerings.
  3. Have always walked & used a push cart (wore out a Sun Mountain). Like many others here, riding easily adds 5 to my score. Walking, you can still chat, enjoy the scenery, and have a pint, but more importantly, you have a better perception of the hole, upcoming shot, etc. Riding, I find I arrive at my ball, and only then really start to look about to see what shot options I have. Walking, you do this far before arriving at your ball. Walkers are slower than riders? Rubbish. Courses make money on carts, full stop. Nothing to do with speed. And let's face it, golf isn't exactly like playing tennis, so the 8km or so walk does all of us some good (injuries/medical reasons aside). I haven't met a hilly course I won't walk, nor too hot a day.
  4. Prok/Montreal/Quebec/Canada Cleveland - Huntington Beach #4 Ping Heppler Floki: Very pleasing to my eye. Love the idea of high MOI. Tempted by Tomcat, or the classic, Anser 2, but no, definitely would like to try and test the Floki.
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